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Today’s Daily Art Card is called “Inspiration is everywhere”. Look, it’s raining inspiration! I hope you can feel how fresh and spring-like it is?

inspiration is everywhere - daily art card by iHanna

This Art Card is number #74! Isn’t that kinda cool?

Tomorrow, when I make card number seventy-five I’ve made one card each day for exactly 2,5 month. When I come to number one hundred I guess I need to do something special to celebrate? That will be the 9th of April according to my calculations. What do you suggest I do?

The inspiration for this card comes from Carla’s challenge at her Thriftin and crafting and from the Swedish blogger Kajsa and the art quilt she made for that theme. I hope you find some inspiration out there too.

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9 Responses to Daily Art Card | Inspiration is Everywhere

  1. Carla says:

    LOVE the card. It’s too cute in pen with the fun colors. Can you link this post to my blog in the Mr. Linky box? It’s at the very top of the challenge post. I’m hoping everyone will link back to my blog so all the participants have an easy way to see all the projects! THANKS so much for playing along. I love seeing everyone’s ideas!

  2. Robyn says:

    So totally cute! I love that you included the sun!

  3. DaisysMom says:

    I love the art cards and wish I had the time, inspiration and workspace to do them myself.

    I’ve also finished your book. Now it’s filled with bookmarks of pages I want to go back to and spend more time. I hope you’re considering doing more books. :)

  4. If only the rain was so colourful! *^v^*

  5. Hanna, this is just gorgeous. Love the multi-colored raindrops and the brown paper background; they set each other off so beautifully.

  6. Chris says:

    This is so sweet!
    I like seeing your cards. It is inspirational, and I’m glad you’re consistent with them.

    Did you mention National Novel Writing Month on one of your blogs? I thought it was you, but anyway, I signed up for this year’s! I’m excited about it. Even if I can’t finish, I can try. Thanks for always giving me great ideas.

  7. leah says:

    yes! it totally feels like spring!! :-) xoxo

  8. audrey h. says:

    This is fantastic. Love the colors :)

  9. K says:

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I had fun making those projects for the challenge. I love the bright colors on your art card.

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