Every piece of paper has a Story

I think that every piece of paper has a Story, and in my collages each of those stories gets to shine a bit.

Daily Art Card 2008 with Hebrew Text collage by iHanna

This is toda’ys daily art card. I got a whole bunch of text pages with Hebrew text from the bible sent by a friend who is studying to become a priest. I like to incorporate text that I can’t read. Using these texts makes me think about her when I create and that is probably why I did use the Madonna image. Sometimes the art that comes out is about associations to me.

Daily Art Card 2008: You are a star baby, collage by iHanna

I like that my crammed collages tell a story with the papers I use. They remind me of kind people that give me paper packages to use. About swaps, secondhand finds and saved favorites. The Christmas wrapping is from Joanna who sent me a whole envelope filled with papers. The halo is a round sticker that I bought in town last month on sale. I like the round shape a lot.

Each piece of paper has a story, a origin, a path that it has traveled to be with me. I think that is really cool!

If you want some papers to travel your way check out the wallpaper packs in my Etsy Shop.

Have a great weekend!

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5 Responses to Every piece of paper has a Story

  1. Nyx says:

    I like old latin texts personaly but I like the use of the hebrew and madonna picture. It gives a very thought provoking image. And I loved that green wallpaper I had to have it :P

  2. OMGs! I didn’t recognize the tree from the paper I sent you, it mixed with the rest of the card perfectly, great job! *^v^*

  3. C says:

    ?h, vad fint du gjort med de hebreiska psaltarpsalmerna!Tack f?r att du t?nker p? mig. Allt gott. Kram

  4. bonbon says:

    superbe , j’adore la realisation de la viergeet l’enfant ! un gros gros bravo !

    bisous de france.

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