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Take a Creative Leap on Leap Day

Today it is Leap Day, an extra day added to our calendars so that we all can fit in more art and play into this year. Isn’t that generous of the Universe? Maybe it’s time to take a creative leap … Continue reading

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The Loxia bird Art Card

One of my Daily Art Cards from the growing pile. Please follow and like:

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Photos from Jgge’s Wood Working Studio

I took these photos last year when I did an interview with the wood crafter Jögge at his home. I just loved his work place, a white studio for painting and a work place for carving and cutting wood. Enjoy! … Continue reading

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Pullip Doll Party – admiring them with big anime eyes

Just look at this beautiful Pullip Doll, isn’t she adorable? She belongs to a friend that has a small collection of three Pullip dolls, a brand from Japan. I had to take some photos because I think they are just … Continue reading

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Collage on bookmarks

I made bookmarks before Christmas. I think all of them turned out pretty well and I want to do more soon. I think I could probably sit for a week and make these, add little bits of paper, color, write … Continue reading

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Decoupage and Coffee on my morning tray

Creating is about transformation. Take one or a few objects and put them together in different ways – and voila! You have created something new! Take this wood tray for example; yellow with age bought in a second hand shop … Continue reading

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Spinning Wool into Yarn for the first time

I have made yarn out of wool for the first time in my life. I’ve been wanting to try spinning for a couple of years, and now finally I have! I can’t believe I finally got the opportunity to try … Continue reading

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Luxury Knitting with Alpaca + Ravelry Thoughts

After yesterdays nerd post about blogging I’m back today as a creative knitting nerd. I started this blog with a lot of knitting, reading knitting blogs and writing about it. Since then my interested in other creative hobbies has broaden … Continue reading

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Plugins, updates, changes and fun for WordPress Nerds

I’ve been updating my blog every now and then during this year as you regular visitors might have noticed. A new header image for example. Reading inspiring blogs about marketing, writing, entrepreneurial stuff and how to style your blog smarter … Continue reading

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Flowers in the winter – a color boost

My grandmother needed some new plants, so we went to a big shop called Plantagen and picked out a few green ones for her. I had my camera with me as usual and I had a color infusion right then … Continue reading

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