A captured angel

My wee snowglobe

My wee snowglobe with an angel inside

My snow globe on mom’s very cool patchwork table cloth that she made before Christmas. I love how cool and colorful it came out.

Kitchen table

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7 Responses to A captured angel

  1. PJ says:

    What a lovely table cloth! Your snow globe is just the sweetest, too!

  2. kristin says:

    it’s lovely!! your mom does great work :)

    and i know what you mean (from your previous post) about getting so lost in all the great blogs out there its hard to find time to get all that crafting it inspires done!

  3. Lovely patchwork! I’m not into making them at all, but I always admire the work of other people! *^v^*

  4. ievute says:

    patchwork is lovely of course :) but my eyes cought up a snow ball! I’m amazed by them! To me it’s one of the most amazing creations on earth – better than TV, vacum cleaner or even a car :) I don’t own it yet but I’m in love with one of “medusa copenhagen”…

  5. What a great tablecloth. And I covet those built-in cabinets! This room is so bright and cheerful.

  6. Miriam says:

    Beautiful and cheerful!

  7. leah says:

    i love the view of the angel from above. it’s magical!

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