In bed with iHanna

I'm single, so I can do what ever I want to in my bed… iHanna

In bed with iHanna. Tis’ time you guys join me…

I'm single, so I can do what ever I want to in my bed... /iHanna

I’m single so I can journal, paint and do art in bed together with my cat anytime.

Who needs a man anyways? Life is grand.

Cutsy pink nose
I’ve got my cute cat…


…and a box of crayons!

What more could a girl ask for, right? Goodnight, sleep tight… and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

Oh, and before you go to sleep tonight you need to watch this, it’s about how to shift your energy from negative to positive (guess where I got the idea for this post from?) and then have a happy happy happy weekend! That’s what I wish for all of us.


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16 Responses to In bed with iHanna

  1. Sharon says:

    Lucky girl!
    Thanks for the inspiring links.
    Have a great weekend and snorgles to Smilla.
    My Smokey loves to curl up where I’m working(playing?) too!

  2. lia says:

    LOL! wonderful photo! I’m married and I STILL do this sometimes….hhhaaaaaa…..thanks for sharing! xo Lia

  3. stephanie says:

    What a life!!!

  4. chickengirl says:

    ahhhhhh yes, thats a good life. I don’t have a kitty but that looks really nice right now. I need an evening like that!

  5. I support Lia, I’m married too, and I can also work on my art in my bed, it’s probably the size of the bed that matters here – big bed helps when you want to occupy enough space for the paints, journal, scraps of paper, ect. (while He takes to bed his laptop or books, and let’s not forget about the cat! ^^)
    Happy weekend! *^v^*

  6. Lina says:

    ?h vad mysigt det ser ut!

    PS: Kommer kanske f?rbi KnitLab imorgon, beroende p? hur det ser ut p? tentapluggfronten (f?r ?gonblicket tornar m?rka moln upp sig vid horisonten, framemot midnatt blir det nog regn och ?ska) Just nu tror jag att jag blir galen om jag f?rs?ker proppa in n?t mer, d? kanske h?nderna beh?ver jobba lite i st?llet – eller f?tterna och h?fterna som i dans. Ses kanskekanske imorgon iallafall…

  7. PJ says:

    Oh that looks like fun! I do that with my books before I go to sleep….I love spreading stuff out and just letting thoughts go.

  8. izabella says:

    love the links you shared! I have been enjoying your photos on flickr!! ;)

    I remember those days of “just me” now my life is filled with 2 boys & a hubby…crazy life!

    xo ~Izabella

  9. rike says:

    oh, I like your blog! very sweet cat.and wunderfull knitting!
    greetings from germany

  10. Sarah says:

    Thank you for posting the link to the happiness project. I like the picture of your stubby bits of crayons, they have been well loved! :-)

  11. Lin52 says:

    Lovely to see your book on the sidebar! Wishing you many many sales!!!


  12. Your cat looks like the perfect friend. Great links, as always. Creating happiness is one of my main topics of interest lately, so the links are timely too:)

  13. sabine says:

    Aah, that looks nice! What a wonderful, fluffy cat!
    Being single looks very attractive right now…
    Luckily I have a crazy husband who gives me all the freedom I need!
    Great happiness link, by the way.

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  15. danielle says:

    you know, im a bit jeaulous (how do you spell this???)
    of you being alone in your bed and doing the things you want. Sometimes it is so wonderfull to live in your bed, listen music until you fal asleep, reading, drawing, eat, make a real nest and then curl up in it and fall asleep, my cat would’nt mind but someone else would I think,grrrr!

  16. Gerti says:

    Great pics, and what a beautiful cat! I have worked in bed when my husband has been sick, and I like cozying up in my recliner with a few supplies at hand.

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