My inchie

My first and only inchie

I did this inchie when I first heard about inchies. End of last year I think it was.

Inchies are art made on a canvas of 1 x 1 inch! That is very tiny if you ask me.

I was proud when I did this, but then I had no more inchies in me. I was through with inchies. But I like the one I made. The text says something like “I grew up on a plant school”.

This is how small it is for real:

My first and only inchie

How to make “1 art tips from Lia (aka Queen of Inchies) and view inchie art at flickr. Crazy isn’t it? :-)

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11 Responses to My inchie

  1. lia says:

    Oh, Hanna! I love it! Are you calling me crazy?! lol. I think everyone should make at least one, so I am very proud of you for that! :) Lia

  2. Sister Diane says:

    Inchies . . . wow, who knew? These are really exciting, and Lia’s post about making them is very helpful. I can’t wait to dig into my own inchies! Thanks for this great inspiration!

  3. daisies says:

    wow ~ how very cool!! beautiful inchie :)

  4. stuffed says:

    Lovely. And too tiny for my eyes and fingers. :0)

  5. Oh, wow! I’ve never heard of these before. I’ve started doing small paintings(4″ x 5″) lately and really enjoy it. Going seriously tiny sounds like fun.

  6. iHanna says:

    Lia, haha, noooo, who would call you crazy with your 1000 inchies project? I love that and you know it. I think the whole idea of people making “inchies” is crazy though, and fun and great. I’m amazed that they have a name, a use and a big audince now.

    I was going to write about the concept of marketing something like this on our blogs and letting it spread through art world yesterday, but I was to tired to get anything out of my head. And with my post I’ve allready spread the idea even wider! How fun is that? Now Diane and maybe even more people will try it!

    Yay for sharing ideas!

  7. Madde says:

    Hall?! Japp, jag ska f? glas?gon, jag tog mig till slut i v?g till optikern och fick veta att jag ?r n?rsynt p? b?da ?gonen, har brytningsfel p? ett ?ga och skelar p? b?da. Inte konstigt att jag b?rjar bli r?dd f?r att k?ra bil, haha. Hur ?r det med dig? Kramar!

  8. Cre8Tiva says:

    now how does one get 1″ canvas??? i have enough trouble with the 48″ X 30″ canvas…the brushes to do inchies must be micro size…blessings, rebecca

  9. Rini says:

    Your inchie is little ,but great in art ;o)))
    I like to work on inchies and I make 100 for a swap , and now 30 also for a swap .
    Rini from the Netherlands .

  10. Gina says:

    I tried to do an inchie, but it wasn’t for me. It reminds me of when you wrote about doing the fat book swap and all the work that went into it…I enjoyed it, but that was probably the last time i did it, lol!

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