White white white

White is beautiful, calm and soothing, but can also be cold if there is to much of it.

I’ve picked out some pictures that says “white” to me in a beautiful way, so this is a white post. I know some of you adore white, so today is a photo filled post with a theme. White.

White white white

White bird

Insence candle

White rose


Fluffy flower

And a link: White inspiration

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16 Responses to White white white

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh! I am really into white lately. I love that little house!

  2. MissKoolAid says:

    I love the little white bird!

  3. Helena says:

    Det vita huset ?r ursnyggt! Jag k?pte ett s?dant p? Village ?t en v?n och ?ngrar verkligen att jag inte k?pte ett ?t mig sj?lv ocks?… :-(

    L?ser f?r ?vrigt din blogg regelbundet och beundrar din kreativitet! Skriver du n?got om ditt l?sande nu f?r tiden? Bokkanalen verkar ligga nere (precis som Bokm?rkt…). Jag l?ser massor men hinner aldrig skriva om b?ckerna jag l?ser.

  4. Cre8Tiva says:

    the tiny white bird is so wonderful…what a find…blessings, rebecca

  5. Jo says:


  6. carolyn says:

    many thanks for your comment ! The bird is so sweet ! I`ll be back to look at your from now on !

  7. gracia says:

    Beautiful white forms, especially the first two pics, and the last one too. That little bird… so sweet.
    see you, g

  8. Alison says:

    Aahh lovely, I’m a white kind of girl, I love that little bird!
    Alison x

  9. tricia says:

    what a pretty blog! thanks for visiting mine. I’ll be back!!

  10. NancyB says:

    Beautiful! White reminds me of winter and snow..oh how I miss snow! White is definately peaceful for me!

  11. Felicia says:

    They’re beautiful and so creamy looking :)

  12. Apples says:

    Gracefully white!

  13. Jill says:

    White is so soothing… so calm.

  14. Bel says:

    Lovely and inspiring set of photos.

  15. emily says:

    love all the white! we are getting ready to landscape the front of our house . . and i’m hoping to do all white flowers!

    white is so fresh and so clean!

  16. Nicole S says:

    Ya know, in the past I’ve hated white with a passion. Most of the time, to me, it seems like such a blank color. Cold, like you described it. But these select few items remind of smooth milk and serenity. Thanks for bringing white back into my palette.

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