My Knitting Spool

Another white item today. It’s a knitting spool, in Swedish called påtdocka. It is such a neat little item, and since I got it I’ve had it in my hand bag’s inner pocket. This way I’ll never be without something to do again!

Just for me

My knitting spool is specially made for me, painted white on my request. And see the H? I looove that! Thank you again Maria!

You can get your own handmade knitting spool in birch from Maria’s own shop I love Betula. Betula is latin for birch, isn’t that a fun name? I have a vivid picture in my mind who Betula is and how she looks. I have to draw her sometime!

Knitting dollie

I’m making white shoe laces, you can view more of my knitting spool images here.

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4 Responses to My Knitting Spool

  1. Sister Diane says:

    What a fantastic spool! Monogrammed and everything! It looks like it’s an absolute pleasure to use.

  2. Donna says:

    The only thing I can do is crochet. You’re very talented! Have a great day!

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  4. Giulia says:

    I like so much your blog.
    Bye from Italy.


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