Play – a zine about the art of visual journals


A couple of weeks ago I ordered Teesha Moore’s zine Play, a zine about the Art of Visual Journals. I bought all four issues at the same time, and I’m happy that I did. They are yummy. Thick paper, eye candy to view over and over and full colour magic. Not much to read, but a lot of visual inspiration, and a lot of Teesha’s book recommendations which has expanded my amazon wish list by 50 % I think. And the few articles she wrote is really nice to read, about different kind of art journals, about how she journal and some comments about the contributing artists work in the zine.

Inside are journal pages filled with sketches, collage, doodles, words and images. Some of my favorite artists are in there, like Lynne Perrella, Traci Bunkers. Lynn Whipple and Teesha herself.

With the zines she also included some strange and fun unmounted stamps. I haven’t tried them yet, but I will.

Now I want to buy her Art & Life zine too of course! If only had an income right now.

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6 Responses to Play – a zine about the art of visual journals

  1. NancyB says:

    I love Teesha’s play zines! Eye candy! Yes indeed! I have only the first one and hope to get the rest before they are gone! I thumb through the one zine I have over and over!

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  4. malin says:

    I?ve been looking at Teesha?s publications too, and I think I?ll buy some next month – as a Christmas present for myself… I?m not sure what to start with though, I?m thinking maybe her journals, I need to take a closer look at the way she does her pages…

  5. Barbara Patterson says:

    Play The Art of Visual Journals, is this publication still being printed? If so where do you find the magazine? Thank you.

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