Adventures in the garden

Adventures in the garden

Photo-shoot in the garden, featuring a small pink creature I made this week in moms sewing room.

Mom made a big turquoise picnic blanket and occupied the sewing machine, so I picked up some materials and hand sewed this wee one. She (the little softie) didn’t want to be in any photos, she just wanted to play – and eat strawberries. She got stomach problems afterwards of course, but the images turned out kind of nice.

Garden flowers


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8 Responses to Adventures in the garden

  1. Maria says:

    hehe… s?t!

  2. Kira says:

    You take such beautiful pictures, girl! *G* And your creature’s great.

    Looking at your profile on Flickr, I found Amigurumi…not only do I LOVE cute critters AND crochet, but read Japanese. *G* I’m so excited to get started on one today. If you ever need Japanese craft mags translated…let me know! *hug*

  3. Hagit says:

    Ah! Gorgeous!

  4. Linda V says:

    Vad vackert med ros och plymspirea! Och s? vacker ros med v?giga blad. Vet du vad den heter?

  5. Eeeek! This little creature is so sweet!!! And such a cute picture!

  6. Mirre says:

    What a cutie!

  7. Sara says:

    I love your little softie, the pictures (great colours), and the little story about your adventures in the garden. It really gives her life!

  8. iHanna says:

    Thanks for all your nice comments girls!

    Linda: the rose is German and called Gerberos s?ger min pappa. Det ?r en kl?ngros som v?xer p? en spalje i tr?dg?rden. Otroligt vacker, en av mina favoriter ocks

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