Cloth dolls now with clothes

I made a couple of little personalities this summer, but I never got around to finish them. Or at least, feel that they were finished. Charlotta is a white cloth doll with stripy hair and embroidered eyes. I love how she looks, but the ballet skirt I made her looks really cold now in the winter. You can see the skirt in my header picture on my blog.

I decided that Charlotta needed some warmer clothes, because it was obvious to me she wanted to play in the snow:

Charlotta - cloth doll

I crocheted a pink sweater for her, the smallest garment I’ve ever made. I made her a woolly little tartan skirt, left over fabric scrap. And small shoes in brown felt.

She loves her new clothes.

Bald doll? I also made another doll from a online pattern, about a palm size big and with beautiful protruding ears. She was left bald, clothe-less and with no face until just recently when I sat down with my acrylic paints and made her a little nose, two green eyes and a pink mouth. She is not a very happy girl, this one, but I still love her and I’m very proud that her face turned out so nice! I have been fearing painting on fabric – I thought I would just mess it up. But I didn’t! She is fine!

Cloth doll

Now she also has a red stretchy t-shirt with flowers, but it did not fit very well, so I’ll redo her some other clothes another time. I think she needs a cute pink dress instead, and then a name!

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6 Responses to Cloth dolls now with clothes

  1. tinker says:

    The dolls – and their new wardrobes – are adorable! I’m so happy to have heard from you again – I lost a lot of my blog contacts when I switched computers. Glad to see you’re still creating!

  2. Paris Parfait says:

    These dolls are wonderful! Great job with the dolls and their clothes.

  3. Angela says:

    Awww…I love little things! Sooo cute! Wonderful dolls! :)

  4. Christiane says:

    These dolls are SO cute! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Adorable! You are so clever!

  6. ainelivia says:

    These dolls are delightful, so whimsical. And you did all this without patterns, that’s a skill.

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