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Taking what you need

Yes, comments are off. I’m taking a break from the buzzing sound of nice comments, and maybe from the blog, maybe not. I haven’t decided yet. Please follow and like:

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Another post about pink stuff

Related PostsMöbius Finished I think Halloween socks! Booo-hoo! Spring in the viewfinder Please follow and like:

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Tea party in Wonderland

It is a great day today. It is the first day of the rest of our lives, and we can do with it anything we want. Change, lay still, move, evolve, have a tea party, give out presents, enjoy the … Continue reading

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Shabby chic inspiration

There are people who live in houses like these, in white rooms with matching sofas, people who have gardens like these, where roses grows. Can you belive it? I’m not one of them, but I love to dream, still. Here … Continue reading

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Knitprovisation by Cilla Ramnek

Booknews! I read about a new book over at Bits and bobbins, and I just had to tell you all to go get it! I own it, but in Swedish, and I love it. You will too, if you like … Continue reading

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There is hope

This is a drawing that I made in my diary two weeks ago. It is a self portrait, where I’m saying “as long as there is love, there is hope”. Don’t you agree? There is so much happening in the … Continue reading

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Giveaway 2007 – one World one HeART

Is it spring yet? Where I live there is still a lot of snow, but the sun is shining so I’m happy waiting for the real spring. And this weekend P and me are planning to do a trip to … Continue reading

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Cloth dolls now with clothes

I made a couple of little personalities this summer, but I never got around to finish them. Or at least, feel that they were finished. Charlotta is a white cloth doll with stripy hair and embroidered eyes. I love how … Continue reading

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Vintage magazine fun

I got reminded about my vintage collection of craft magazines when I red Laurels post about how fun they are. I bought a couple of them in the beginning of last year at a flea market, just for fun. I … Continue reading

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The lost Triplet assemblage

Following the same spirit as the heart box came this wee one, an art piece in a tin can. I call it The Lost Triplet. These comes slowly to me. I know I wanted to use the thrifted plastic doll, … Continue reading

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