Recycle your love

Recycle your love, over and over again. That’s my advice.


Unbranding by Keri Smith – my favorite is the toothpaste tube!

lonely-dog-project – tag a dog in the snow

recycled slide books – tiny and cute

How to Plan an Earthy Valentine’s Day Evening

found art – Rosa is doing art and letting it go

maskerade – the Stockholm version of knit graffiti, as made first by Knitta

moleskine reloaded – buy an expensive notebook then destroy it and throw away all the pages

book crossing – find more space in your bookshelf (though I won’t register any more books because I sent 22 away and non has been found)

Why we hate Valentine – fun photo

Turn a to-go cup into a tissue dispenser

How do you survive Valentine’s Day when you’re single or just don’t buy it? – I just added to my bloglines yesterday and it’s filled with strange links. I like it.

Via lifehacker I found this article: Questions Couples Should Ask (Or Wish They Had) Before Marrying – don’t people talk at all? Gee!

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  1. Maikki says:

    I love the photo with your hand smeared with paint! I use to have paint up to my elbows and I don’t mind.

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