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Blank hard bound journals

People who keep journals have life twice.Jessamyn West Two hand bound books that I’ve made. A gray one with linen fabric as cover, and a black book covered with patterned plastic fabric. Both contains white blank drawing papers, great for … Continue reading

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Hanna needs to freely explore her world

I hardly ever find memes worth doing, but when I read a needs-list that Tara Chang made, Tara needs a sarong, I thought her list was so fun. I think my list is fun too, even though I had to … Continue reading

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I feel inspired by…

Here is a list of things that makes me feel inspired! Right now iHanna is inspired by 1. Pots and plants Maria took me to Blomsterlandet and I remembered then how much I love greenhouses. The earthy smell and all … Continue reading

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Altering a book called The world we live in

In the new year I’ve finished my forth art journal and started a fifth one. Starting a new journal is always fun – and scary, to me. You know what you had, but you never know what you’ll get. The … Continue reading

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Restoring a book from 1945

What we become depends on what we read after all of the professors have finished with us. The greatest university of all is a collection of books. Thomas Carlyle When I started to learn about book binding last semester I … Continue reading

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Charlotte’s crafty suitcase

I love Charlotte’s crafty suitcase. She brings it to every book binding session, and it is filled with book binding stuff, stuff that I have no idea how to use or what they are called. Little bits of this and … Continue reading

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Rose Embroided pillow

It’s time to write about a finished embroidery project, and it is a rose embroidery sewn into a pillow by me, iHanna! I ordered this embroidery kit from a picture in a catalog at my local yarn store. It was … Continue reading

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