I feel inspired by…

I love writing lists, and finding inspiration. Here is a list of things that makes me feel inspired right now.

Art journaling in front of the telly

Right now iHanna is inspired by

1. Pots and plants
Maria took me to a plant shop called Blomsterlandet and I remembered how much I love greenhouses. The earthy smell and all the different pots and plants. Thin and bulky leafs, tiny and huge flowers, the air of spring and the feeling of growth; wanting to grow something. To sit in the sun.

The visit there made me long for spring. I bought one small flower for my window. It has striped leaves that look like a watermelon. So adorable. I forgot what it is called already.

New greenery - Photo copyright Hanna Andersson, Studio iHanna #greenery

2. Other people’s Blogs
Right now I’m in love with some blogs that I’ve found (or re-found) recently. Favorite is Nancy’s Something to crow about with all of those beautiful art journal spreads, and Pam Garrison’s blog, showing such pretty images I just want to go live in one of her drawers!

But I also have been enjoying the weblog mizutamago, Tara Ross Studios (I love her funny paintings) and Anna Torborg’s blog Some dogs (lots of beautiful photos)!

I was very happy to read this post where my blog is mentioned and so inspired by this post where casapinka is painting her pink desk and room! Gaah, I want to paint furniture too!

Latest find: An Irish craftworkers good life and today One Woman’s Cottage life, so pretty!

3. Colourful photography
These are some of my recent favorites found on Flickr:

I like right now

Click on the image to see who’s photo and where the rest of their photos are. I don’t usually post other peoples photos in my blog, so this is an exception. I think it looks so beautiful and colourful, so me. If anybody asks me today who I am, I might answer:

– I’m pink bubble gum, hand bound note books with pretty papers, fabric flowers and a owl cup of tea! Who are you, my dear?

On the fridge today

4. Stuff in the mail
I got a bunch of magazines from my Studio Friday friend Nancy Bea of the blog Genre cook shop this week! Thank you for these, I love magazines! I also loved the card, it is a print of a painting by Nancy Bea. I also got my first postcard in the Valentine Swap, from Annette in Norway. It is just darling pretty!

Today I also got the very late but very Christmassy zine Erraticus Holiday from Melissa of the garden of pink shadow (what a nice blog name, huh?). Lots of pretty things to be inspired by in the zine.

Rose fabric (curtain)

Also in the mail, but bought by me, was a rosy fabric from Tradera. I’m thinking about hanging it in the bedroom, since it is already sewn into a curtain. I’ve been buying a lot of stuff online, and I’m not finished yet. More fabric on the way and a needle felting kit with lots of pink wool coming from the UK! Hurray! Still wanting to order more creative books from Amazon, trying to decide which I really would love right now. Ordered a bunch of crafty books, couldn’t wait any longer. They will be here in March according to Amazon.co.uk.

Have a great day!

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12 Responses to I feel inspired by…

  1. Östman says:

    Jag älskar tulpaner. Jag vill äta dem! Min moster fyllde 60 igår och fick 30 st av mig och min bror.

  2. beki says:

    Such wonderful inspiration!

  3. casapinka says:

    Thanks for the mention, Hanna. I am honored I could inspire you a bit because you have inspired me to no end. I’m thinking about trying the art journals that you were encouraging me to try. I wish we could make some hot cholocate and work on bookmaking together.

  4. Jo says:

    I have just found you blog today and it’s wonderful, very inspiring and I will certainly be checking back often!

  5. carolyn says:

    Hi Hanna,

    Thank you so much for mentioning my blog.
    I’m so happy to have found yours, love your blog!

    ps. Hanna means flower, in japanese :)

  6. Esther says:

    that pink bubble gum is making me drool! Is it real? I gotta get some!

  7. Jeannine says:

    This was such a colorful post to read! (And how neat to see one of my cupcakes in your flickr mosaic! Yay! I’m glad you liked it).


  8. NancyB says:

    Hi Hanna!

    Wow! Your blog is even more inspirational than I remembered! Thank you for sharing all this eyecandy with us and getting us inspired! And thank you for the mentioning of my blog!

    Happy Creating! :)


  9. Anonymous says:

    Can one create and live happy?

  10. Yvonne says:

    Hallo My love. You are so beutiful and nice, I love everything you do. You inspireing me. Now i must start With doodeling today, that was a good idea. Bye & Hugs fr.o.m. Mom

    • iHanna says:

      Hi mom, roligt att du läser gamla inlägg men jag undrar: varför kommenterar du på ett inlägg från 2007, som inte alls handlar om doodles heller? Men det gör inget. POK!

      PS ändrat Buy Hags (köp en tant) till Bye, Hugs (adjö, kramar), tror det var det du menade?!

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