Which would you choose?

Two arm chairs

Which of these arm chairs would you choose, and why? I want to know.

I’ll write the story about the two chairs another day.

And what do you think of my new banner and design?

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38 Responses to Which would you choose?

  1. Hanne says:

    The black and round one is a great sculpture – but I think the red is more comfortable – it simply looks more cosy. I?d go for the red! Maybe I?d consider a new cover though. Imagine some delicate patchwork… or fabrick with turquise, yellow, white and green stribes, or what about roses or, or ….

  2. strikkelise says:

    The red one, definitely. For the shape, the comfort, the history, and all the possibilities with fabric and paint.

  3. futuregirl says:

    I would pick the red chair. I like fabric and cushions more than style.

  4. Jessica says:

    love the new banner! i would choose the red one b/c the design has more character. plus i’m more into traditional furniture vs. modern furniture.

  5. lia says:

    Most Definitely the one on the right (red one). I thought the one on the left was a satellite dish and you were trying decide between getting satellite or a new nice chair! LOL! I guess that answers your question!
    On the banner, I would like it more if everything was standing up and the view was from the front instead of above it, but that’s just my “angle”…xo Lia

  6. MagFly says:


    It looks more comfy :-)

  7. stacy says:

    I love the new banner!

    I like the red chair on the right. As much as I like modern furniture and looks, sometimes the decor can look ‘cold’ and uncomfortable. The red chair on the right looks perfect to sit and read a book in, plus you can always recover it in some sort of funky print to match the room you want to put it in.

  8. Lilli says:

    Great banner! It’s a good size. Not too huge so it takes a long time to load.

    I like the red chair better because I could reupholster it with any fabric I wanted :)

  9. I’m for the red one too. I can’t imagine getting comfortable enough in the black one to read or knit.

  10. Tonya says:

    I love the red.
    1. because it’s red and everyone needs a little red
    2. seems more like a piece that would be used all the time. the black one seems more like an occasional piece
    3. the black is almost too contemporary for most spaces. did i just say that? i can’t believe i think something is too contemporary
    4. the arms on that chair are so divine – it’s just a great find

  11. Nina says:

    Bannern ?r s? passande till inneh?llet! :) Gillar den! Ang stolarna skulle jag nog v?lja den r?da, f?r den passar in i min gammeldags inredning. Den svarta ?r ocks? snygg, stilren, men nej, den r?da f?r det bli f?r min del.

  12. Elisabeth says:

    the black one looks cold and like one can’t sit there for hours without getting a hurting back… the red one looks really comfy, and like it has thousands of stories to tell, if one just sits there long enough…
    oh bugger, I’m already in love with your red chair O.o please, send it to Denmark if you’re tossing it *giggles*

  13. Kathy says:

    If the red chair was my old chair — or a chair from someone I knew — I would choose the old chair. I don’t like used furniture if it comes from a stranger.

    The red chair looks more comfortable.

    If it were a choice between a thrift store red chair and the black chair, I would choose the black chair.

  14. Lina says:

    Sv?rt val… Den svarta ?r snygg, men den ser mer ut att h?ra hemma p? ett caf? eller s? (i och f?rsig ?r de mysigaste fikastolarna de gamla n?tta, som p? mitt favoritcaf? Edenborgs), s? om det var hemma hos dig (eller n?n annan) skulle jag v?lja den r?da, den ser gammal och mysig ut.

  15. Gill says:

    I go with the rest Hanna, I love the red one. Gill.

  16. Yvonne says:

    I’d pick the old chair because I love the wood, it looks comfortable and I would be able to change the fabric and upholster it in something cute. Can’t wait to read the chair story :)

  17. katie says:

    like the new banner.
    also – like the red chair – it looks much more comfortable than the trendy one – it also looks like its had a life – and a usefull one at that. yes – the red one gets my vote.

  18. Linda says:

    Oh I LOVE the new banner and I love the red chair!! way more cozy and also would be easy to upholster if you hate the fabric or replace it because a little worn!!! and I am not fond of furniture with metal on it unless it is outdoor furniture!!!!! I just like the warmth of wood and fabric!!! Hugs Linda

  19. miriam says:

    love the new banner. as for the chairs, what are you going to use them for? bedroom or living room?

  20. sally says:

    the old chair. Just as it is. Perfect.

  21. Tami says:

    While the black one is cool and modern, I’d vote for the red one any day of the week. I’d bet that it’s comfy and soft. Plus I like the worn look of it.

  22. claudia says:

    Love your new design!
    I would take the old chair, looks a lot more comfortable and you can cover it easily with a beautiful fabric. I have a similar one in my living room.

  23. Shell says:

    Um, I’d take the red one. Why? Because it’s really hot here at the moment and the black one looks like it is vinyl and it would get really sweaty – ewww. But I like them both. Great new design!

  24. maxentia says:

    almost everyone takes the red one, so do I. Strange to consider that if you would post the same question on another blog, the readers would choose the black one.I think it has to do with the kind of people that read your blog Hanna

  25. Annette says:

    Svarer deg p? norsk her jeg!
    Jeg liker ogs? den r?de stolen best! Jeg synes den er utrolig stilig og den er sikkert god ? sitte i ogs?!? Har lyst p? 2 s?nne stoler selv jeg, skal lete rundt p? auksjoner og lignende. Banneret ditt er kjempeflott. jeg har fulgt bloggen din ca et ?rs tid og synes det beskrives deg godt, veldig spennende!

  26. Maria says:

    Maybe I?m the only one, but I would choose the black one because I found it so beautiful and great! Also the black one should be perfect among my furniture?s. It?s a bit 1950?s over it and that what I like. Even if you can see that the red one has a history. And I know that the black one is nice to sit in too even if the red one maybe are even more comfy.

  27. Joanna says:

    Definitely the red one – it looks more comfortable, as if waiting to be sat in it, with a pillow, a blanket, a pair of knitting needles and a cup of tea! ^^

  28. ruthie says:

    I’d chose the red one because it looks more comfy and old. the black one is too modern for me but that’s just me and my style ;-)

  29. melanie says:

    definitely the red one. it’s more cozy and inviting. perfect for curling up with a book and a hot cup of tea. to me, the black chair seems cold and rigid and uncomfortable.

  30. MamaZuzi says:

    The red one – much the same reasons as Melanie just said. I actually like the old banner better but they are both nice.

  31. Bridget says:

    I like the red chair. I like the rug under the black chair, but not the chair itself. Why do I like it better? I like that it’s old and unusual and comfortable looking and that it has possibilities. It could be slipcovered or patched in an artistic way, or it could be completely reupholstered. Or just left as it is. It’s nice.

    I like the new layout but what happened to your shop?

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  33. Jus says:

    The red is cool, old, and vintage. The black is just cold man, cold. It looks ‘spacey’, like Red Dwarf-ish. My husband would totally love it. I have a blue leather like your red one, mine is wing-back though.

  34. As a great lover of furniture… either one, but I especially appreciate the ‘bones’ of the red chair.

    Nice to meet you!


  35. mela says:

    i would choose the red one – looks so comfy and i like that it is old and looks worn…
    the black one is not my style but only you can make the decision….. :o)

  36. mela says:

    oh and i am totaly in love with the rug under the black chair!!!!!!!
    did you make it???

  37. Anita says:

    Red chair, definetely, but I wouldn?t leave it as it is. There would be much work on it! I like modern and new-stile furniture but this chair you picked is in my opinion just ugly ( black leather – I hate leather) and looks uncomfortable.

  38. Definitely the red one. The black one looks too plastic and dated

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