In the mood for Christmas…

Christmas decoration
Finally, I’m getting into Christmas mood this week! Maybe a bit to late, but in time to make the above little decoration bowl with roses and tree ornaments from the thrift shop! I saw this idea in a book about Christmas crafts in the book store, and just wanted to try it… I bought the balls for 2 SEK each, and I really like that they are not shiny new.

Christmas inspiration for next year…

Christmas cards 2006 I’ve found some beautiful stuff from Cutting edge magazine online; like this owl, some beautiful cards and the easy fleece scarf and the red pink craft wreaths! I want to make all of them – someday.

I also like lots of the projects over at Kiddley, even though I don’t have any kids. I want to make the super cute tealight place settings that looks like small cottages and some paper ornaments to decorate; I wouldn’t print the cute template but make my own style. It is so simple, yet I wouldn’t have thought about it! I also like the paper Santa Lucia crown and the fun Christmas jar!

And I’ve seen lots of you are making fabric yo-yos, have you seen this Christmas tree?

So much cute stuff!

More fun online
I also found the blog embodiment today, where I’ve read some interesting posts written by people with a passion for journaling, writing and buying note books [found via DIY planner].

More journals, but as movies, at the City Exhibition – I really enjoyed seeing the artwork as books when they very shown on film instead of just flat on a scanned image. Try it out.

Real men knits – nice video to send to the man in your life. I got the link from my boyfriend!

You can knit anything, even a whole car! Amazing.

A new jar? Wow. The artists survival kit by fun and smart Keri Smith, and a new to me blog: Doll heads, worth a visit and a comment.

This week I’ve listened too CraftSanity episode 46 (!) with an interview with Knit designer and author Susan B. Anderson. It was interesting, and I’m so glad I surfed over to her blog too, because she does not only knit, look at her mosaic wall and her living room table!

I’m also checking the dog blog videos out soon, but not right now, because my cat Smilla is sleeping in my lap!

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10 Responses to In the mood for Christmas…

  1. Your blog has a wonderful Christmas spirit, full of goog ideas and giving!! Merci!!

  2. Lina says:

    Oh, det ?vre fotot ser ut som taget ur en tjusig inredningstidning – j?ttefint! Du och din blogg ?r s? himla inspirerande, det ?r n?stan (men bara n?stan…) s? att jag f?r lite julst?mning. God jul du ocks

  3. Hi.

    I have been reading your blog for about 5-6 months via Bloglines. I remember when you first got your cat (Smilla?), and I have always thought that she was so pretty. After all this time of admiring your blog, what finally got me to comment is the fact that my husband found an abandoned kitten at a job site this last week and he e-mailed me a photo… She looks kind of like yours!

    He is on his way home now and I will meet the kitty in about an hour. (We already have two cats, one dog, a snake, and a mouse that the snake rejected.)

    Anyhow, I feel kind of like a dork because I pick that reason to comment. If you’d like to see a picture of the kitty, I have posted the photo that my husband sent on my blog.

    Now, I’ll go back to my semi-silent admiration of your site. Happy Holidays. :-)

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the kind words! I love your blog. Craftsanity was so fun to do, and I’ve heard from a lot of crafty people from all over the world. It’s been great. Take care.


  5. HildeC says:

    Det var mange inspirerende linker p? en gang, takk for at du deler dem med oss. Godt at du er kommet i julestemning – jeg h?per du f?r en riktig god jul :-)

  6. louise says:

    Happy Christmas! And all the best for the coming year, LJ

  7. gracia says:

    Seasonal well wishes from me too… g ♥

  8. Nina says:

    Vad mycket bra ideer! Dockan ?r f?resten supers?t! God jul till er!

  9. Elena says:

    Jag gillade ocks? vad jag s?g i senaste Cutting Edge n?r jag var i en tidningsaff?r h?romdagen. S? jag k?pte den och ?r nu sugen p? att g?ra ugglan, grodan, apan, Wee-juldekorationer mm. Ha en sk?n jul!

  10. Ann says:

    Jeg har sagt det f?r, og jeg skal gjenta det til det ikke lenger er sant: Jeg elsker disse lenkesidene dine! Du er et lokomotiv ut i webverden, du er en fly, et akebrett, en sykkel og pilspiss, du er kraften og energien, du er en kjemperask bil og en elefant, du er selve primus motor … Tusen takk for at du tar deg tid :D)

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