Brown rose bag

Brown rose bag

This is a simple little bag in recycled curtain fabric that I sewed together without a pattern, but with inspiration from Maria. I loooove this fabric, because I looove roses and brown is one of my favorite colours! Did you know? The lining is the same pattern as the outside; which makes it sturdy and very nice. I have lots of great fabric in my stash – but I don’t have time to sew more of these right now.

Julkort 2006 / Christmas card This Sunday it is my last Christmas Fair this year (my third ever). I hope I sell better than on the two last ones, and if you are in town you must come by and say hi, because it is me who has been arranging this one and I want lots of visitors and friends around this time!

I’ll be selling some of these fabric cards that I’ve made with recycled materials at Höstlovet this year. I cut up card-stock, fabric and an old table cloth with printed Christmas trees and cats. On some of the cards I also used pieces of crocheted table cloth and pom-poms! I want to make another kind of cards too, but hey, time is running out…

Christmas is very soon, and I need to write my cards too.

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5 Responses to Brown rose bag

  1. hummmlan says:

    Dom var riktigt coola!

  2. maria says:

    Nice, nice! I finished my blue-jenas bag tonight!

  3. Lina says:

    S?ta kort, och underbar v?ska! (jag sydde en liknande en g?ng, blommig brun fast mer 70-talsk?nsla)

  4. Mirre says:

    I love the fabric of that bag!

  5. Kelly says:

    I love the choice of fabric you picked. Red and brown together is so lovely.

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