Owls, socks and blood


Nu kan man verkligen sga Ugglor i mossen

I’m the happy owner of a pair of owl patterned panties! I didn’t buy them for myself when I first spotted them in the store, and when I went back they were sold out everywhere! I felt so sad since I very seldom really want something for myself that is not art material or craft related – and since I got the owl frenzy freak love from online bloggers who also adore owls… (You know who you are! That’s why I’m also blogging this. It’s not a craft post, but still has lots to do with my creative online life… I don’t think I would’ve gotten the owl bug if it wasn’t for all the owl craftiness around here). But to bad, I didn’t get a pair for me… And when I went back they didn’t have them any more. Lucky me, now mom has sent me a pair!

Christmas tree light

At the Christmas fair I bought a handmade Christmas tree candle. Very green and beautiful. I like buying stuff from the person who made it, and ask about the process. This candle looks very sweet beside the ceramic owl candle holder on our table right now.

I also got two pair of new angora socks this week. They are paid for with “blood money” = I went to the hospital and gave blood this week (edit: no you can’t get money for blood, but you can choose socks or something else that they have on display instead). The lady at the hospital said that giving blood is this years Christmas Gift #1. A gift both for yourself and for others. I really liked that, and I hope that everyone who is not a giver will sign up before Christmas (if you are allowed too)! Please do, it feels really good to do it, and you might really save somebody’s life this way!


Maybe you can just hang your cookie forms around the kitchen and pretend that is what they are for? I don’t have the time to make cookies tonight either…

And more interior design for those of you who didn’t like the white house I linked to in a previous post. What about these rooms? Yummy!

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7 Responses to Owls, socks and blood

  1. Ostman says:

    Grattis till ugglorna – ?ntligen! Ett helt inl?gg till din ?ra i Lewdity idag.

  2. Pinkmohair says:

    Well, I sure do like those rooms! Check out this owl sweater. I love how the sleeves are slightly flared and have buttons. Love the underwear.


  3. Lina says:

    J?ttes?ta uggletrosor!

    F?r man pengar f?r att ge blod i Ume?? Det f?r man inte i Stockholm (men jag f?r ?nd? inte ge eftersom jag var i Colombia i somras). Om jag beh?ver extrapengar f?r jag s?lja en njure p? svarta marknaden eller uts?tta mig f?r pl?gsamma medicinska experiment (de g?r reklam f?r dem ?verallt p? min skola – exploatering av sv?ltande studenter :) )

    Din titel l?ter lite skr?mmande, som att det var illegala pengar eller s?lda israeliska blodapelsiner eller n?t.

  4. Elena says:

    N?, h?r har det heller inte hunnit bakas n?gra julkakor ?nnu. Men i kartongen med julsaker, som fortfarande ligger kvar i k?llaren, ligger bland annat en hel samling med kakformar med olika djurmotiv och v?ntar. Dottern kommer f?rmodligen att bli s??? f?rtjust n?r vi v?l kommer ig?ng och s?kert accompagnera med ‘pepparkakeland’, som hon l?rt sig p? dagis nyligen.

    Mmmm… mohairsockor ?r lyx f?r kalla vinterf?tter. Och t?nk att Kappahl har s? coola grejjer!

  5. Stephanie says:

    well I just love those owl knickers!

  6. Elena says:

    F?rresten, kolla in det h?r uggleerbjudandet p? LivingbyC&Ws blogg!
    http://livingbycw.blogsome.com/2006/12/10/adventserbjudande-fran-isak/ Kanske kunde vara n?gonting f?r dig?

  7. Regina says:

    God Jul! Vi m?sta Traffas!

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