This is me collage

This is me

This morning I made a collage (oh, what a great feeling) while drinking my coffee. I call it This is me because I see it as a self portrait of me. I made it in my Squared Art journalRose tag detail of collage and took the photo of it as my contribution for Studio Friday today. I only wish the light had been better. It looks better on my desk right now than in this photo. Maybe a scanner could’ve made a better job, but all my collages are digitalized as photos right now.

The tag I glued to my collage today I “made” with a huge punch machine that my vendor neighbour had with her at the Christmas Fair this weekend. Have you ever seen something like this? It’s mainly for scrapbooking, but I can see lots of great paper crafting done with this. You can punch out letters, figures and tags etc. I want one!

Today I found a new to me artist called Magda Dudziak, check out her collage art gallery – so much cool stuff there! Found via In the mood for arte. Check out Studio Friday if you want to see how others have presented the themse this is me!

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13 Responses to This is me collage

  1. mette says:

    From reading your blog, this really IS you – great job!

    “The huge punchmachine” sounds really good – but I can’t see your photo (it’s private) on flickr? ;-)

  2. maria says:

    som vanligt kan jag inte posta mitt inl?gg hos studio friday…

  3. mette says:

    Now I see it – thank you ;-)

  4. Geri says:

    Very beautiful collage – The red really makes a statment.

  5. Kelly says:

    Great collage! It looks like it was lots of fun to make too. (And your purse yesterday? I would never have guessed it was your first…very well done.)

  6. Wow – it’s beautiful!

  7. Iris says:

    It’s really great!

  8. jen lemen says:

    hannah, i LOVE this collage. it completely delights me. i know the feeling of your art not feeling the same in a scan as it does in person. sigh. but know that this comes across beautifully–and it made my day!

  9. Shell says:

    Love all of the pink!

  10. mela says:

    you are very pink – nice ;o)

  11. maxentia says:

    Your site is truly an inspiration!
    Your stuff too for that matter, my friend’s mother is tying to make one of those little patchworkbags as the ones I bought in your shop

  12. lia says:

    this is AWESOME Hanna! I also saw the site you refer to at the end, and I LOVE her art collages. makes me want to try a big one.
    again, you did a magnificant job with this collage. ~Lia

  13. Michelle says:

    I SO love your collage! SO much pink and fun and color and texture and fun! It makes me happy!!!!

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