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I made a book!

My pile of bound paper have been growing at the Bookbinding class, but nothing was evolving to a book. Until now, when I’ve made my first real book, my first masterpiece, a blank note book with drawing papers and a … Continue reading

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Studio Friday | Inspiration indulgence

Today the subject of Tine Sparkle’s Studio Friday theme is Studio indulgences. First I thought of materials then of candy. But I’ve written a lot about my materials and tool, and I don’t eat candy when I create. I don’t … Continue reading

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My Crochted Rug is Finished

Crocheting a rug with torn fabric stripes is the perfect summer project. A bit dusty, somewhat big but a great leisure pursuit on the balcony when the sun is out. I started this project in in place on the backside. … Continue reading

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Ribbon Embroidery on lavender bags

I’ve been making small lavender bags in white fabric, filling them with dried lavender flowers from my parents garden. When you bring the flowers out, they are still lilac and smells very strong, but put in the bag the smell … Continue reading

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Enlightened as an Owl

This owl collage of a Tawny owl (cat owl in Swedish) is one of my first art in quite a while, and I really like how it turned out. I’m really crazy about creating my own collages right now, that … Continue reading

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Crazy Mucho Craft inspiration

This week I haven’t had any time to sit down and write. Or to think, go out to buy food or even relax. It’s all been about craft, creativity and inspiration this week. Crazy intense and so much fun! My … Continue reading

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Not on my wall yet

I’ve started to notice other peoples walls lately, and what they hang there – maybe because I do art to hang on the wall myself? Or maybe because see things differently now? I look much closer, and gather ideas on … Continue reading

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