To Recycle an angora sweater

I found a lot of wool sweaters at the Recycle workshop. I put all of them in the washer over night. The first day I grabbed this, already felted, angora sweater and started to make a cap.

Green cap
I just cut it out free hand, and sewed it together on the sewing machine. Then I embroidered some beautiful pearls that I found the Pearl Drawer – oh, how wonderful if it was mine!

It looked very professional (when on my head) with the pearls glimmering in the same colour as the fabric. It fits my head perfectly, I promise (I need to take a photo with me in the cap too, coz’ I always complain in other peoples blogs that this kind of photo doesn’t show the wearable item as well as if the photos were “live” on someone – and that’s my opinion)!

I then decided to make mittens from the same green sweater.

Beaded cap & mittens

I drew a pattern of my hand on drawing paper and cut out the fabric very close to the edge, this made the mitten look almost like green hands. The fit is very tight and the fingers very thin, but I managed to hand sew the backside and the front together with small stitches so that I can wear them without a cramp! They are very soft, indeed.

The other green cap is also made from this recycled fabric, but sewn together by my mom! She made a round model with a little strap on top, and left it behind. I don’t know who will wear this?!

marzipanPS: I was better today, going to school even, and afterwards I did feel I’d been a good girl so I allowed myself to spend some not hard earned money on underwear and papers (isn’t this paper gorgeous as a furry kitten? hehe. It is called Marzipan (dunno why) and is a scrapbook paper from BasicGray – if you get cravings).

Take care until next time!

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8 Responses to To Recycle an angora sweater

  1. Regina says:

    Glad you are better! Love those gloves and hat and Basig Gray is my absolute favorite paper! I don’t want to use mine because I love it so much!

  2. Hello :) I’m Sandrine from Belgium ! I’m working in a sweddish store with yellow and blue flag LOL ! I’m happy that I found your blog ! I love your creations and all the things here ! I’m happy happy happy !! Big smooches :)

  3. Oups I forgot… Are you taurus too ? My date of birth is the 29 of april :) (in 1974) Hugs

  4. Chantal says:

    I love the look and shape of those gloves!! Well done :-)

  5. Belinda says:

    good you’re feeling better! but it’s this time of year … you’ve been really productive despite it all. the beads really prep it all up. well done!

  6. Rebekah says:

    happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Hagit says:

    Oh wow, now I crave both Marzipan and this paper – Basic Gray have great papers!

  8. I S A Y says:

    so nice site you’ve got. i enjoyed looking at the pictures. hey, i have got exactly the same old boring desk ( i use it for my sewing)and you gave me an idea to make it lively-the problem is when can i do it.

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