Useless shop I kind of like

They have rows and rows of colourful, plastic, cute, desined new stuff. You know what I’m taking about. All these useless shops that we all hang out in.

Like this one:

It opened in town about a year ago, and I just can’t walk past without going inside and walking the rows smelling fake candels, adoring plastic animals (toys for grownups), desined bathroom and kitchen items, touching luxurious cushions, curtains, draperys, blank books, cool clocks and endless of rows filled to the brim with more useless stuff. Right now they are selling black plastic candelabras. Yes, for real.

This is the kind of store that makes my Man so tired in about two minutes after entering that he says it is like running a mile and then climbing for a couple of hours – but without the satisfaction of having accomplished something.

I get tired after a while too, after looking at every shelf there is though. You wouldn’t want to miss anything, right? Then I have to grab what I have decided to buy, put back the things I want (crave!) and don’t want to spend money on and pay up. I have to leave all the rest behind, and run home to sit down and calm down. I don’t know if shops like these are good or bad for your health, but I need them in small doses from time to time.

Mobilsmycken f?r 19 kronor I don’t have a collection of key chains, but I was about to start one when I held these two creatures (click picture for better view) in my hand and wanted both to come home with me. A very very pink teddy bear and a white bunny with a crocheted vest! But I knew I wouldn’t like them as much if I bought them, so I didn’t. Phew!

Put I was carying this bag when I came home:

Don’t ask me who put in my hand!

This is what the bag contained:

B/W zinc containers that I have been eyeing for quite a while now, and finally went in and bought. I love the patterns, and the style of these. The bucket is now containing my indian ink pens and the larger one will be… filled. I dunno with what yet, but I know it won’t be hard to fill it in this house.

Nya muggar The rose mugs are from another little chain of shops, and bought earlier this fall. I really like the patterns, even though the colours are kind of bleak – and the form is really anoying (to high and thin to be comfortable to hold on to). But they were cheap for christ sake.

This post has no meaning (at all), except that I took photos when I visited the store this time. And it is a memory record of a moment of both inspiration and wasted energy and money, I think.

I kind of like this shop, and kind of like the photos from inside it. Did you get anything at all from reading this post (if you read it)?

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12 Responses to Useless shop I kind of like

  1. malin says:

    Visst ?r det l?tt att hitta saker man gillar p? Lagerhaus! Jag ?r speciellt f?rtjust i all svart/vitt det ?r nu, jag ?lskar den f?rgkombon ?ver huvud taget, och s? brukar dom ha trevliga rosa kitschiga saker. Som sagt – det ?r l?tt att hitta saker d?r! Och billigt ?r det mesta ocks

  2. I love the Buddha photo!!
    IT sounds like a perfectly marvelous shop and i admire your strenth of resolve to to buy one of each pretty thing :)

  3. sofia says:

    oh yes, I loved this post…loved the colors on the photos, some of the objects too (the zinc containers are amazing) :)

  4. maria says:

    I love this kind of shops… konsumera mera… haha… eller inte ;)

  5. Nic says:

    This is awesome stuff! :o)

  6. Shell says:

    Oh yeah. I love shops like this too – but these days I have to restrain myself and walk right on by. If I go in, I’m done for and will spend money like I’m a millionare, which I’m not. These days money is saved for art supplies – I swear, that is all I buy. Even my clothes are coming from cheap chain stores now – just so that I can buy more art supplies. If they weren’t so expensive I may have a life of retail shopping outside the art supplies store, but they aren’t, so I don’t!

    Love your goodies. :)

  7. lia says:

    yes, it was fun to come along for the ride! great pics and thoughts. good eye candy too…and I didn’t have to get tired, lol, it was far more relaxing reading about it (and quite funny about the “Man” part in the store…been there). I love visiting your blog.

  8. claudia says:

    It?s always fun to tag along with you on your adventures – I love shops like this too!

  9. Alison says:

    I love stores like that too! Those black and white containers are so cool. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Hagit says:

    Oh, this is such a fun post. I LOVE these types of shops! The black and white containers are FABULOUS, and about the cups – I agree with every word you say. You can always display them, instead of using them! ;-)

  11. rhelynn says:

    Interesting photos – and those containers do look useful :o) My husband actually loves a certain kitchen store that is full of useless and/or expensive gadgets – actually, I think he likes it more than I do!

  12. deirdre says:

    what shop is this? I want to call them. I am looking for plastic candelabras. let me know!

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