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Granny Square Scarf in pink

I crocheted my first granny square (mormorsruta) in November last year, this is what I wrote back then: I think it is to many holes in it to be a scarf? But it was fun to make it, I have … Continue reading

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What fits into a matchbox?

I signed up for the Matchbox Swap, asking myself; – What fits into a matchbox? – Nothing really I guess, it is so small… So I couldn’t resist the Matchbox Swap, I had to sign up and join, just to … Continue reading

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Collaged notebook covers + a owly

Coffee and a sandwich at a cozy café in town is always so nice, specially when you are there with a friend and you both see a tree in your caffé latte. After coffee and chat, we walked to a … Continue reading

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Two amigurumi friends in one photosetting

I’ve been spending a lot of time at flickr this weekend, sorting my photos in folders, looking at photos in different photo pools and trying to find all the home made stuff that I haven’t blogged about yet! When I’ve … Continue reading

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Ephemera collection

Ephemera refers to written and printed matter published with a short intended lifetime. Something transitory; lasting a day. [from] My ephemera collection is growing. Flea markets are the only place where I can afford as beautiful things as these … Continue reading

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Inspiration board from chicken net

At Studio Friday it is STICK IT TO THE… BOARD! Friday today, so I wanted to show you some of the thousand places where I stick my inspiration. Here is the first one: Above my little desk I have pinned … Continue reading

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Copy cat

I try not to be a copy cat, but the balance between giving inspiration and being ripped off is difficult. The line is easy to cross and I think some people just won’t see it if you haven’t spelled it … Continue reading

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A sheet of foam rubber becomes a stamp

I got this idea from a crafty acquaintance, and I think it is very smart. I’ve made stamps before, but this is the easiest way. Not for small details, but for patterns I think it works great. This is how … Continue reading

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First notebook I ever made

This is my first attempt at bookbinding! This little notebook is made from simple copy papers in different colours, that I bought for the printer a year ago. It’s a very simple notebook that I made at home. Now I’ve … Continue reading

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Another September has passed

When I surfed to Kardemumma today I was reminded that September has come to an end, and that it was time to make a Monthly Mosaic with the wonderful flickr toy Mosaic Maker. I really love to make these! Looking … Continue reading

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