Stay happy – it’s catching

Knitting on circular needles

If you haven’t heard anything about previously started knitting projects it’s because I’m not knitting on those, non are finished and non are being knitted right now. One sweater is just tangly threads and a mess in a hidden bag. Yuck! Instead I’ve started a new one, yes yet another knitting project! And I’m just so exited about this one. See pic above.

I’m using a “new” (unpacked) second hand bought yarn found last summer. It is going to become for a sweater from a pattern that I found when searching this yarns gauge at Garnstudio. Such a smart search engine they’ve developed now. Try it in English here and the Swedish one over here. I’ve been knitting on this edge for 1,5 week now, both on TV nights and in school. It is just not getting very much bigger really, each row feels veeery long when you have 384 knits and purls to make each row!

But I feel that I will continue to knit just because I sooo much want to see this finished – and try it on! The yarn is not high quality, only 25 % wool, but it feels nice and I like the pink shimmer that it has (and the price)!

I love to knit on circular needles, I love to know I’m making a sweater and that if it feels good I might be able to through out one of my not home knitted and very old and ugly sweaters from the wardrobe. I could do that without knitting a new one, but this way I’ll stay happy, warm and ocupied while renewing my wardrobe one stitch at the time.

Sweet - Smilla Art Journaling page by iHanna

What I need to remember most during these two months, and this whole last year of school, is what Suzie wrote me:

Stay happy – it’s catching!

Stay must mean that she thinks I am happy… It is just true sometimes.

I’ll try to do my best, and while I strive I’m always creating something. I doodle with my pens, knit in front of the TV, long for time to sew something again and try to read blogs so that I can be inspired by other peoples happy creative spirit. Let’s all help when Autumn strikes!

You know of the fun fact that when you learn a new word you hear that word everywhere, like the whole world is just saying that new word! I read an article that is called Positive Attitude today, written by Lance Gallup, that pointed me to something I’ve never thought of:

Start your day with a sour “my life sucks” attitude and your mind will begin collecting data to support that premise. Things go wrong, your attitude gets worse and the process feeds on itself until pretty soon your life does suck. You’ve created a self-fulfilling prophecy. Why not put a little conscious effort into going the other way instead?

In a positive environment

I knew that being positive creates a positive environment, but I haven’t thought about in these terms before. Like if you act positive, you’ll notice the positive things in life and become even more positive. I so want to do that. I don’t want to keep whining about time, my writing, people and situations that is just like they are and nothing more. I wish I could be more positive. How about you? How do you stay happy each day? Of course knitting (and other creative efforts help), but not at work/in school always.

Read the whole article at Creativity Portal and tell me what you think.

Have a postive day!

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11 Responses to Stay happy – it’s catching

  1. Sara says:

    Crafts are really what keep me happy. And my beautiful children. :) But I love just sitting down to hook (rug hooking) or practice my knitting or perhaps bead something. We are fortunate to have an outlet. I just love looking at all your great projects. Thanks for sharing all your crafts!!

  2. Robin says:

    Having conscious positive moments can be relatively easy, I think. I do it all the time when appreciating the environment around me. It’s staying positive that’s a bit tougher – especially out there in the big old world! When I’m feeling grumpy at someone, I remind myself that their attitude is about them, not me, and I feel less inclined to take that negativity on myself. Or I remove myself from the situation to get a better perspective. Some activities I do to stay positive are knitting, listening to upbeat music or a podcast, yoga, going for a walk, reading, or just thinking about how rich my life is when you compare it to how the “average” citizen of the world lives. In short, looking at the big picture helps! I hope it helps you too!

  3. Mari says:

    Perfect thing to read and learn from – thanks – I did get into something a few years ago about attitude and selfmade moments – it was something like “when I get up in the morgning I check my state of mind and adjust it to a merrier level if needed, and then I hope that it will spill over on my spouse and that then when my level gets down – he in turn will spill over some positive attitude on me” kind of…
    If I find it I willpost it here! Stay happy

  4. Linda says:

    What a beautiful colour, and the yarn looks so soft and lovely.

  5. Chalk says:

    I read peoples blogs because I go home with this renewed spirit of creativity. After I got out of college and wasn’t around the art crowd anymore, it was hard to get back into the swing of things. reading people’s blogs (like yours) makes me run home and knit at the end of the day

  6. claudia says:

    I have learnt that seeing the beauty around me has a postitive effect. The colours, lovely, shining people and the change of seasons, that?s what I see when I look around. If you concentrate on the lovely things that give you pleasure, the ugly things that weigh you down have less and less power over your mood. Life is good and good things will come your way if you believe it!

  7. louise says:

    Looks like a good start to the new new new knit. Lovely pink as well.
    Cheers, louise

  8. Chalk says:

    I always feel negative. Maybe i’ll take a page out of your book and try to start being a happier person. I feel like I always take things the wrong way and expect the worse, because when it’s better, it’s WAY Better then I thought it would be. Drives my boyfriend crazy.

  9. maria says:

    I haven?t read the article yet, will do it later, but I have thought about this question now since you post it. And what?s my answer then? I try to live after the rule, ?give a smile and you will receive one back?! At work I get angry at my pupils sometimes, but most of the time they supply happiness special the younger ones. I most of the time am happy, of course I become sad, angry or whine over things and I can be very pessimistic but it doesn?t last for so long. I don?t have so many reasons for being unhappy quite simply. I don?t create the unhappy thoughts…

  10. linda harre says:

    I had to laugh. You sound like me……..I have more incomplete knitted projects than completed ones………..and, they do get ugly don’t they. All wadded and knotted together in a paper bag sitting behind something on my shelf. I usually put something in front of them so I am not reminded that there is ANOTHER unfinished project!

  11. Linda says:

    Love the new yarn and color and yes I too have a lot of UFO’s right now but sure do love knitting and the relaxation it has for me!!! can’t wait to see this done!!!! have fun!!
    Hugs Linda

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