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Tools of the Trade

These are my main tools of the trade, but of course there are lost and lots more! But the main tools I use in my creative life are here, except for the computor that I didn’t want to take a … Continue reading

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Mullis the little mole

This is Mullis the little mole. I made him a couple of months ago, but then I added brown buttons as his eyes, which made him look blind. I didn’t like him like that. So now that I’ve taken the … Continue reading

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Log Cabin Pincushions

I have made Log Cabin Pincushions! I’ve always wanted to make a log cabin cushion, but I thought I’d start in small scale so I did a tiny pincushion with ready cut stripes I found in mom’s stash. I love … Continue reading

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Let’s haggle baby!

Today I hired a table at one of the indoor flea markets around here. It was so fun, and freeing to sell of some old clothes, books and other things that we don’t need. It was nice that my fianc? … Continue reading

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Gifts out of the blue

I got so much beautiful and wonderful gifts when I had my birthday in April that I don’t think I deserve to have anything more for at least a year. I’m spoiled enough, but a bunch of people don’t agree … Continue reading

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