Mullis the little mole

Mullis the little mole, free hand amigurumi softies by iHanna

This is Mullis the little mole. I made him a couple of months ago, but then I added brown buttons as his eyes, which made him look blind. I didn’t like him like that.

So now that I’ve taken the ordinary buttons off and added “real” glass eyes with black irises instead, I like him better. I think he looks much cuter and more alive now. What do you think?

Perhaps he is blind anyways, maybe all little moles are? Or maybe they just have bad eyesight? I know I do, but my glasses are strong.

Mullis is the little brother of Molly the mole that I finished last year.

My mole Molly, free hand amigurumi softies by iHanna

♥ She is one of my favorites that I’ve made. I will keep her for me, but Mullis might be for sale in my shop later. I crocheted both these amigurumi softies free hand with no pattern. I think it’s super fun to just “start and go” with these amigurumies, and see what you end up with…

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7 Responses to Mullis the little mole

  1. Lina says:

    Båda är jättesöta!

    Var hittar du såna där glasdjursögon? De får dem att se så levande ut!

  2. I like the little Mullis, pretty brown eyes he has!!!

  3. louise says:

    Great name for a mole! He looks great.
    cheers, LJ

  4. Emma says:

    Vilken supers?t liten mullvad! Han p?minner mig om en barnbok jag hade om en gullig mullvad i snickarbyxor som samlade p? bra saker. =)

  5. Jenny says:

    Åååååhhh vill ha!! :D

  6. Linda says:

    Oh he is adorable!!!! I am sad I haven’t been here in a while and seen all your fun things!!! I am trying to knit!!! and still learning a lot!!! (need to!!!) but wish I could make little things like this but can’t crochet!!! but love him! and saw your fab felted mittens on your flickr account!!! did you knit them or use an old sweater!!?? they are wonderful and OH LORDIE those dolls are just fab!! you rock girl!!!! your work brings out the kid in me and I’m sure in a lot of us!! in a “grwon up” sort of way!! so sofisticated and yes fun and unique!!!! thanks made me happy today!!

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