Beautiful orchids and online gallerys

I just listned to Jennifers show and learned that I won one of Claudine Helmuths books! I’m so happy! I’m looking forward to getting to learn more about her style and maybe try it out myself!

Today it is Studio Friday friday for me, so I took some photos of flower treats this morning. I haven’t bought special flowers because I didn’t need to. This is what was blooming right in front of my nose:

Orchids in my window
I just love the Phileanopsis orchids. I forget to water them so many times, still they bloom like there is no end. And they do bloom forever too, weeks and weeks of beauty!

I also got a red rose from Minister for Justice in Sweden, Tomas Bodström this week. He was talking about politics in town when I had ice cream with a friend. On Sunday Sweden has election and I’m going to vote for the third time in my life.

Back to the subject of beauty, today I’m linking you to some great online art gallerys, private and official, of mixed media, collage and loads of inspiration. Check these out:

Can you tell why I haven’t been making any collages for three weeks? (except for the 20 minute challange I sent to CraftSanity)? It’s because I spend way to much time at the computor surfing for beauty insteed of trying to make some of my own! Next week I’ll try to be a better (smarter?) artist.

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14 Responses to Beautiful orchids and online gallerys

  1. jaihn says:

    Beautiful, Hanna.
    Yes, time taken surfing for Beauty…. sigh.
    Seems like I need a parallel surf-Life somedays, if I am to get anything happening off-screen!
    It’s a new equilibrium we all have to find, I guess.
    Good weekend wishes to you.

  2. Chalk says:

    I absolutely adore orchids! My mother is an avid collector and has been for most of what I can remember. I just this year bought my first orchid from the Maryland Orchid Society. I think I have the orchid bug now too :P

    Sometimes I also feel like I’m just looking at other people’s artwork and not making much of anything. You just have to remember that your brain is swelling up with new ideas and you’ll be twice as fantastic next time you decide to do some artsy stuff :)

  3. Lilie says:

    I use to be able to keep flowers growing. Now everything just seem to die on me :(

  4. Hagit says:

    Your orchids are so beautiful, and thanks so much for the links! Some of them I already knew, because I spend endless hours surfing art (especially on flickr) instead of working {;c), but the others I didn’t, and everything is just beautiful.

  5. Wow, the orchids are gorgeous! Thanks for all the links, too!

  6. Ouissi says:

    I love orchids…so rewarding to keep one…so many flowers…

    Ouissi x

  7. Beautiful flowers! I love Orchids also, and it’s amazing how you can ignore them and they still bloom. Talk about devotion!

  8. Heather says:

    Hey Sweetie, Thanks for your comment on my blog. I ordered all those recent fabrics online from:
    Hopefully they will ship internationally. Love your list of galleries.. more eye candy!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Lovely orchid and fantastic links – I will probably spend hours looking at them all more deeply now. Yes, I spend a lot of time looking when I should be making too!

  10. Shell says:

    Lovely orchid and fantastic links – I will probably spend hours looking at them all more deeply now. Yes, I spend a lot of time looking when I should be making too!

  11. KimC says:

    Great links, thanks. Beautiful Flower photography;) It made my night!

  12. maria says:

    Jag h?ller tummarna f?r att min orchide ska b?rja blomma om f?r tredje g?ngen, det finns tv? knoppar… F?r det ?r s? fint! M?ste kolla igenom alla l?nkare senare, f?r det b?rjar vara dags att g?ra lite collage f?r min del

  13. Regina says:

    I think Tomas B is a cutie! My first time getting to vote tomorrow!

  14. kate_always says:

    beautiful orchid. I can’t wait to check out some of your links. Kathy

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