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Snow globes are easy to break

I’ve been to a birthday party. A real one, for a 1 year old boy. I packed my thrifted handbag and dressed, in yes you guessed right, pink top and flowery skirt! I wore my beautiful black thrifted shoes, that … Continue reading

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Spreading my creative wings

Setting up the living room table infront of the telly for a moment of creative fun: Spreading my creative wings to every room in the house. Everything I need in convinient reach: the remotcontrols, iced coffee, paint brushes, glue, gesso, … Continue reading

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Join me to a Swedish loppis

Have you ever been to a Swedish flea market (loppis)? If you have, you know how fun they can be, and how much people they attract. If you haven’t, you can join me now. I took my camera and documented … Continue reading

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693 blogs is about 600 to many

I’m a surf-o-holic right now, but this week I will try to make a couple of things instead of just sitting by the computor or tv at night. I looove all the great beautiful words and pictures I find though, … Continue reading

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Alien I, II and III

I made three white aliens this summer. Alien I, Alien II and Alien III. The other ones are at my flickr account with photos, one has a pink ribbon and the other one a black ribbon so that you can … Continue reading

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It’s getting cold outside

This morning my breath looked like smoke when I came out from our house. The days are still quite warm when the sun is out, but at night frost have been seen. When I biked to town this morning I … Continue reading

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A drop in the ocean, but hey…

I mentioned this project earlier, and I hope all of you have taken the time to contribute to Knit a River! Knit a river is a new campaign with WaterAid. The campaign is designed to raise awareness of WaterAid and … Continue reading

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Beautiful orchids and online gallerys

I just listned to Jennifers show and learned that I won one of Claudine Helmuths books! I’m so happy! I’m looking forward to getting to learn more about her style and maybe try it out myself! Today it is Studio … Continue reading

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Stay happy – it’s catching

If you haven’t heard anything about previously started knitting projects it’s because I’m not knitting on those, non are finished and non are being knitted right now. One sweater is just tangly threads and a mess in a hidden bag. … Continue reading

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Just you and me kitty

We are home alone, Smilla and me. My spousey has left the building and will not return for two months. I can’t believe I let him go. He will be climbing with a friend in the states. Maybe you’ll see … Continue reading

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