Free form crocheting

Fri virkning av Lis PludanI borrowed a book from the library a couple of weeks ago. It is called Fri virkning (Fri haekling). I guess I have to return it to the library soon, but it feels stupid sometimes to return books that you want to keep!

I read it from first page to last today and got lots of ideas. There are no amigurumis in it, but lots of other crochet ideas that is, yes very 1970-stylish, but also very very colourful and fun!

I want to crochet bags and hats, freeform scarfs and other crocheted stuff from this book. They’ve even made some sweaters! And the mittens, awww so cool! In all it’s a very inspiring book by a danish author called Lis Paludan. I will have to buy it if I find it in a flea market some day.

Addi Crochet hook 7mm

Craft books In the meantime (not owning a copy of this one) I’m freeforming small amigurumi softies right now, and also bought Roligt att virka by danish author Vibeke Lind. The other nordic countries are much better than Sweden to publish great craft books. This one is not as colourfull, but has great tutorials on different crochet technics and a couple of pages with colours (the other pic’s are b/w).

In the mail I got Hillary’s pattern book with softies and also her adorable set of postcards. Who will ever be worthy of one of these? :-)

Click below if you want to see some spreads from the book Fri virkning:

That’s all for today f-f-f-folks! Have a great day!

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7 Responses to Free form crocheting

  1. Strikkelise says:

    I thrifted the “Fri hekling” book earlier this summer and I love it. Lis Paludan has made a lot of cool crafting books, you should look for one of her Christmas books (Julebog), they are great for inspiration, not only for Christmas!

  2. Tina says:

    Jag fick fri virkning av min mamma f?r ett par ?r sedan n?r jag ?nskade mig en basic virkbok. Inte riktigt vad jag hade t?nkt mig, men nu ?r jag ganska f?rtjust i den. Den ?r verkligen bra f?r inspirationen.

    Borde inte vara alltf?r sv?rt att hitta den p? antikvariat.

  3. Those shawls are AMAZING!!! Wow!
    I really love old craft books…sometimes i think alot of Newer books have a “sameness”…to me, the old books are so imaginative and inspiring! :)

  4. Lina says:

    Vilken h?rlig bok! Underbar inspiration, m?ste f?rs?ka hitta den sj?lv! Den bruna sjalen ?r s? himla vacker.

    F?rresten har jag ocks? Roligt att virka. Visste inte att den ?r dansk, men trevlig ?r den :)

  5. This is amazing crochet! I am looking for a book called Ava’s Dolls and Puppets. It is mostly knitting. I am interested in seeing what people are doing with crochet too.

  6. SylvChezPlum says:

    I saw this book from Lis Paludan on a blog (I think it was another one ;-) ) and then HAD to buy it. It’s so cool, even though I can’t read the language it’s inspiring me every time I look at it !!

    Vintage books are so cool, sometimes they should reprint them :-P
    Lucky you to be able to find such treasures at your library too :-)

  7. iHanna says:

    Thanks for commenting!

    Sylvie, I’m glad you could find a copy of this great book, just looking at this post again and those images (just look at that bird!) inspires me all over again, so glad you came by to comment on it almost three years after I wrote the post about it! Yay!

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