Alphabetica by Lynne Perrella

ABC book
I’m reading Alphabetica – An A-Z Technique Guide For Collage & Book Artists by Lynne Perrella.

I really enjoyed her first book, it made me start a visual journal, doing collages wish lead me to the world of ATC and trading, wich lured me in to other mixed media sites and finally made me to what I am today. Crazy for new things, doing something creative every day.

Lynne Perrellas second book, Alphabetica was not such a revolution (of course) to me as the first book, but I still enjoy this one a lot. The letters and numbers are really her style, and I understand why she choose this theme for her book. Her art is so wibrant and colourful, I wish I had that kind of energy. I’ll need to experiment more with colours during this autumn I think!

But it is not only Lynne Perrella’s art in the book. I find most of my favourit bloggin artists here, like Claudine Hellmuth and Teesha Moore! And a new favourit Shirley Ende-Saxe. They add their thoughts on journaling, tips on teqnics and descriptions of how to try this yourself.

The best part of the book is the pictures of journal spreads, decorated book covers, details of paint and lists of “influences” and workshops in the end of the book. I can recomend this book to anyone who wants a boost of fresh inspiration!

Do you want to know who inspire other artists? Go to Studio Friday!

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6 Responses to Alphabetica by Lynne Perrella

  1. Ulla says:

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I have enjoyed peeking in on yours. I love the shop you have created with your mother. Such a variety of whimsical wares! And that fish pond – goodness how wonderful. Your collages are great, I love Lynns books too. Come visit again some time…

  2. Lisa says:

    Now I know how I will spend my lunch and probably my lunch money. Off to Borders I go! Thank you for the book recommendations.

  3. Great inspiration, and one you can return to over and over again!

  4. naomi says:

    Have had my eye on that book. Will have to look into it. Thanks for sharing Hanna.

  5. Anke says:

    Great artist that’s right!

  6. mary ann says:

    i have this book too! love all the colorful works in there!

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