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Women of influence by iHanna - detail

Tip-in Pages? Hmm… I participated in my first tip-in swap arranged by Lisa Vollrath. Tip-ins are loose art journal pages /spreads that you can swap, and then tip-in (add into) your own journal.

I knew what I wanted to do before I signed up and I had so fun making the six pages (five for the swap and one for my self)!

Here is one of the spreads I created on the theme Women of Influence:

Tip-in Pages with the theme Women of influence by iHanna #tipinpage

Creating Tip-in Pages

Doing original art (with almost the same look on five pages) for this swap was more fun to me than it was when I tried to mass-produce 40 pages for a fat book swap. And getting the art is also more fun if it is really made and not just a copy. If you want a fat book like that you could really just surf the web and colour print a selection of cool pages!? But to each his own choice. Both has it advantages I guess.

Women of influence by iHanna -detail

I printed the names of women who has inspired and influenced my life and then used the printed page as a background for the tip-in spread. Also used gesso, watercolours, napkin, a sewed piece of beautiful transparent paper, pen and a calligraphy pen to write with.

What are tip-in pages about

So far I’ve received three tip-in pages. I didn’t know what a tip-in page was until Lisa told me.

A tip-in is basically just like a book, but instead of getting a book with a finished cover you get spread to create a book from. All tip-ins have different size requirements. Fold the sheet across (horizontally) so you have a double page spread. Then create your spread.Once you get a few you glue the backsides together and there you go, time to create a cover and you’ll have a book made by you and the other artists in the swap!

These are postcards I sent (or lost) in Open yours too Swap:

Blue postcard

Orange postcard

Pink postcard

Postcards are great little projects that makes others smile too! You should try to make some!

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7 Responses to Tip-in Pages | Women of Influence

  1. kristin says:

    LOVE the tip-in idea…never heard of it before…thanks for the links. your pages are beautiful!!

  2. maxentia says:

    I keep coming back. Wonderful!!

  3. Melba says:

    I had never heard of tip in’s before. So beautiful, I love them!

  4. Kim says:

    Beautiful collage! Love the focal image and your background details are delightful!

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