Julita Garden & Pettson’s kitchen

Here are some photos from Julita, a castle with a big garden you should visit if you are in the area of Katrineholm.

Rosa ros at the Julita Garden in Sweden, photo by iHanna

Oh, and how cute is this:

Where Pettson and Findus lives at the Julita Garden in Sweden, photo by iHanna
A green kitchen! Something for home decorating inspiration, right?

It is a Swedish style (old farmer home) but also a bit too small to live in, this one…

I really like the old mr Pettson and his cute cat in green pants, Findus. See them here if you haven’t met them yet (the writer is Sven Nordqvist, check his childrens books out!).

I don’t have a garden, earlier photos were from my parents beautiful garden. I just run around every where to capture it with my camera. A garden of mine would probably end up like this, with me sleeping there too!

More from Julita Garden in Sweden:

My “little” brother:

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3 Responses to Julita Garden & Pettson’s kitchen

  1. Bea says:

    Oh, the Pettson and Findus Books are my absolute favorite ones! I love the illustrations sooo much! So nice to see the place where they live!
    Lovely pictures!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Åh vad roligt med Pettson och Findus hus! Dit vill jag åka också :) Rolig bild – brodern utan huvud, haha!!

  3. Mette says:

    Hanna, jeg elsker Pedersen (som han hedder i Danmark) og Findus. Deres hus er vidunderligt, det er pandekagerne også, deres jul – det hele. Da vi til jul så julefilmen i biografen, grinede jeg höjst af alle. De historier ville jeg gerne vare med i ….. En eventyrlig verden. k.h. Mette

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