A couple of fabric bracelets

I’ve made a couple of bracelets using Mollychickens Bracelet tutorial:

Fabric bracelet

Straight from the iHanna factory:

Making bracletts
I set up a little studio on my balcony where my cat and I spend a lot of time when the sun is out. I bought a “horse quilt” (that is what I call it because it is so heavy) in red silky fabric this winter at a thrift store – and it is almost like a mattress to sit on. Mmmm!

It took a lot of time to sew all the beads, pearls and buttons, but maybe I started off with to many? Nine I think.


This is just one little thing ticked of from the list of tutorials that I posted, a list about things that inspire me, but at least I made a whole little bunch of these bracletts when I was creating!

Bracelet for my mother who loves and collects bears:
Braclett for my mother

Thank you Molly Chicken for the inspiration and help!

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18 Responses to A couple of fabric bracelets

  1. Wow, I am impressed — they look wonderful and you sure know how to crank ’em out, don’t you? They do look like fun to make, I think I will have to try these out sometime!

  2. Hannah ~

    Love these! The bead work looks very time consuming through the quilting but the end result is worth it! Thanks for sharing!

    :+) Kristina

    PS: Love your Finland pix on Flickr – makes me so want to go there!

  3. Hulda says:

    Veldig morsomme og stilige armeb?nd!

  4. Tonya says:

    I love your blog. Full of great ideas. Must go home and make bracelet now. Adorable!

  5. Tonya says:

    I left but had to return when it hit me…BELTS. You can do the same thing but bigger. We must make a belt too. Oh, and again a choker, just now thought of that. I’m gonna have fun with this!!!!!

  6. Michelle says:

    Oh aren’t these adorable! Great job Hanna…love the buttons and how you can totally personalize these sweet babies!

  7. hanne says:

    Great idea! I?ll definitely try it out when I?m back home again!

  8. kristi says:

    aaaak! so cute! and i love all of the tiny beads.

  9. maxentia says:

    simply adore your blog ! You are most certainly gifted ! Me, I keep buying fabrics and buttons, but never do anything with them. I can’t sew. I think I must have been a creative tailor in a previous life. But this seems a project I could manage though. I’ll certainly try it out

  10. these are absolutely lovely!!! Sooooo very feminine a pretty! i am in love! :)

  11. Norah's says:

    You have been one busy lady! Love these little bracelets and also the camera case. Amazing

  12. Wao, these are fantastic! I’m in love as well :)

  13. linda harre says:

    What cute bracelets……….darling! Thank you for all your sweet words on my blog. Always appreciated:-D ~L.

  14. Thea says:

    These bracelets are really beautiful

  15. marisa says:

    Wow! I love these bracelets… So cute and girly. Very clever stuff!

  16. mariamosh says:

    Love those bracelets! Thanks for submitting the link to the tutorial too :D

  17. Jenny says:

    Tack s? mycket f?r inspirerande bilder och ideer. Det ?r verkligen j?ttekul att titta in hos dig och din shop!
    Du har inspirerat mig att g?ra n?gra egna armband, efter jag l?ste den h?r posten satte jag mig ned och gjorde n?gra sj?lv. Det var i juli jag gjorde dem, men b?ttre sent ?n aldrig att tala om dem. Se dem g?rna p? min blogg under lappteknik!
    Tack ?n en g?ng f?r en blogg att h?mta inspiration ifr?n!

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