Summer holidays

Red soda
School’s out for summer!
And on the last day of school it was sunshine, and I picked up a package from with lots of great books about mixed media that I will read – slowly. And get back to here, with reviews when I finish reading one.

What is summer for you?

It’s been a great week and I’ve taken lots of great photos. Here are some of them, and what summer can be like in Sweden:

This week it’s been summer break-up partys and school dinner, BBQ with great class mates, a visit from my hometown, town market, kubb in the rain, and red soda + coffee in the sun with a good friend. And bowling too!



Summer cake

iHanna, me this Friday.

Have you seen me around? Recently I’ve been mentioned in this blog, the blogs min blog ?r mitt id?block and lantligt. And thereby I have discovered a lot of great swedish blogs with crafts and designs (and others from skandinavia). Smilla’s cat basket has also been mentioned at the Inspire me Thursday-site and at Whip up! Welcome all new readers who has found your way here. Please make a comment any where, I’d love to know you!

What are your summer plans?

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15 Responses to Summer holidays

  1. Lisa says:

    I’d have to agree with all the positive things that have been said about your creativity. I am jsut beginning to rekindle my creative side again and new to the blogging world. Yours is a site I never miss.
    This summer…I plan to travel a bit, have fun and enjoy life.

  2. I hope I’ve sent a few folks your way! I included the darling cat bed in my “Crafty Fun Friday” post yesterday. I found you via Whip Up.

  3. Hulda says:

    hi, Hanna, thank you for visiting my blog. I really like yours too. I have seen through it. I just love the white little chair with the flower on. Lovely! Are you from sweden? I just saw that the other comments was in english, so I had to write in english too. I will link to you tomorrow.

  4. valentina says:

    I’m moving back to Switzerland this summer!
    Oh, and my cats’ names are Trudie (the white one) and Linus.

  5. madmommy says:

    Please, what is kubb? Thank you for seeing me at madmommy; I’m always glad to meet new friends. My kitty’s name is Mom Cat (she had several litters before we adopted her from the wild outdoors, although you’d think she’s always been a regal indoor princess cat by the way she took over our house, our lives, and my chair!).

  6. Paula says:

    You have a wonderful website, so inspiring! My summer plans, I will go to Greece. This year we will stay for two weeks in the beautiful island of Crete.

  7. Virtuella says:

    Hi, Im from Norway, and I subscribe to your blog, and I love it!
    Have a nice summer!

  8. School?s out for summer: Lucky YOU!

    I look foreward to be able to say the same at JUne 22 – right before Midsummer?s Day.

    And by the way – my summerplans includ going to Stockholm 2 weeks in July. More about that on my blog, soon…


  9. elisa says:

    My summer plans are unsure, but my bf and I’d like to visit Finland or Denmark.. I want to travel and have a lot of sightseeing, knitting and taking undreads of photos… if I couldn’t I’ll simply reach my enlarged family to our mountain home. . in a green and peaceful place. I love summer so much…

  10. Hulda says:

    Hei igjen Hanna! Jeg fant filen med vintage glansbildene. De var nydelige! Bruker ? kj?pe slike glans som jeg bruker til ulik dekorering. Har lastet ned noen av dine. Takk skal du ha!

  11. claudia says:

    I wish you wonderful holidays! The summer break starts here on the 7th of July and the very next day we are flying to Australia for a 5 week holiday, can?t wait!

  12. louise says:

    Your blog always makes me want to travel! Great photos too… happy Summer, LJ

  13. Annette says:

    Hi! My english is not great, but i have to tell you that I love your blog. Beautiful collages, good pictures and you are also a fantastic writer!

  14. weirdbunnyj says:

    Lovely coffe and cake, yip I’ll definately be eating lot’s of cake this summer!

  15. Ella says:

    Hei Hanna.
    Fin blogg du har.
    Kommer innom senere.
    Ha en fin kveld.

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