Pink with lizard

Self Portrait Challange 1Self portrait challange this week/month: Introduce yourself!

This is a part of me:

Me and Elektra
Not a self portrait photo this time, but one P-♥ took of me this Sunday. I’m wearing my favourit colour pink and saying hello to Elektra, a lizard. I’m not afraid of lizards, I acctually love amfibiens very much, like frogs and so on. Maybe not snakes. My favourit animal is the frog, because it is such a great creature with lots of hope inside, hopping around as it is. I’m sitting in the sun here – and I love sitting in the sun.

I’m also a coffee drinker, big sister, school girl, journalist wannabe, artist, feminist, blog reader, woman, computor addict, writer, pen collector, book reader and podcast listener. And I love making lists.

What about you?

This is my second Self Portrait Thuseday post I think. The first one I couldn’t add to the site because it stoped taking contributions about the time I wrote it, so sadly no one commented on that post… Now Self Portrait Challange have a new location, and I have decided to try this challange out! Yay!

I don’t know if I want to tell so much about me in this blog, because the blog is about my art and crafts, creativity and creating and saving stuff… But then again, I love self portraits so much it’s embaressing. I’ll just try and see if I like this thing.

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8 Responses to Pink with lizard

  1. lisa says:

    i love your portrait. the way you are holding your frog. and your pink coat and glasses.

  2. I see the dilemma: how much do you want to tell about yorself and what is relevant?! Or is it too boring to talk strictly on work and your new creations – a bit of a balance! And a most intersting subject to consider…
    Anyway, I think you run a great blog.

  3. celia says:

    hi hanna! thank you for the sweet comment on my self-portrait post–i appreciate it. your photo is fantastic! :) xo, celia

  4. Jamie says:

    I love your portrait! What a cute little lizard. Um, I don’t mean you. I mean Elektra, hehe. I only recently learned that frogs are a symbol of transformation – very powerful indeed! I love all the pink too. It feels like a happy day.

    Thanks for coming by my blog today and leaving such a nice comment! I’m glad the new SPC is launched so you could join in!

  5. joleen says:

    well i’m glad you shared this. i think it’s beautiful. i love pink too! also, can you please email me your address? i think there was a mixup with your zine and would like to get it out to you asap. thanks!

  6. mommy zabs says:

    love it! welcome to spc!

  7. bekka says:

    you do wonders for pink; it’s not my favorite. but on you, it’s lovely. Elektra must like pink, too. guess she doesn’t change colors? A pink lizard would be something to see.

  8. Suzanne says:

    Love the photo and the lizard. It’s a great shot. Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to more SPC.

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