Design market – Preparations


Going to the Design market was a very quick decision. I didn’t think, afraid I might have hesitated to much. I just e-mailed the girl that organize it and asked if there where any tables left for me to claim – and it was. And one week to go before it started! Not much time really, it was good that had a lot of finished stuff at home. But I also crafted like crazy the week before the market took off, and managed to finish a lot of little softies and got a bunch of new ideas that I want to try soon.

I used a old grey sweater for five new teddy bears, all with a little different look. Here are two of them:

True love

Project boxNot born yet

In the pink “Project box” that I bought at IKEA I have ongoing projects like the crocheted granny scarf and some pieces of amigurami that is not finished. Lining them up it turned out I had lots of “finished” animals in there, just missing eyes and mouth…

So I sewed them all together and felt like I had really accomplished something good. Don’t we all love that feeling?

I also made a strange pattern for a little fellow and when I sewed him up I saw that all he asked for was eyes, and he became an alien:


I managed to remake the whole living room to a craft and sewing studio. Felted wool, fabric and thread everywhere and a cat that was helping to spread it too.

iHanna & friends
But on the morning before the market I just priced everything and packed it into a big box. And off we went, me and my little friends + some collages and cards etc.

All of them
Most of these little animals was crocheted last summer. What a happy bunch to become something. And when I saw them all together I felt such pride. I made all of these.

See you at the design market!

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18 Responses to Design market – Preparations

  1. myra says:

    Wow! You should be proud, what a great lot of wonderful stuff!

  2. Helene says:

    So how did the market turn out?

  3. YES – that?s the way: don?t think, just do it!

  4. nicci says:

    Your strange little fellow reminds me of the tree spirits in Princess Monoke, their little heads would rotate and make rattling noises!

    Very cute.

  5. Max says:

    The sweater bears are just absolutely adorable! Hope you did well at the market you deserve it :)

  6. Bea says:

    Love the grey sweater bears!!! So cute! I?m very impressed by the sheer amount of little critters you produced! Wow! Hope the market was fun and went well for you!

  7. Laural says:

    Those look great! So cute!

  8. Mina says:

    A really sweet collection! I love that little yellow guy. Good luck with the market!

  9. Neesey says:

    The first picture with Smilla made me smile so big when I opened your blog! Congratulations! Everything looks perfect!

  10. snowbear says:

    way to go! You pulled that out of your magic hat! I can’t wait to hear how it all went!
    good luck!

  11. hanna those are great creations… how did the market go? tell us more about the market. i hope you have pictures of the market and ur table..
    by the way,, everything you created looks great.. even the pink price tags.. very professional :)

    you know what else you should sell?
    the cute collage boxes you made the other day.. and maybe make a little box for every cute teddy bear you created so it can be bought as a gift for someone ;)
    way to go girl

  12. Julie says:

    Well done – lovely! What happened at the market??!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Fantastiske teddy-bj?rnar! Eg forelska meg heilt i dei to som var laga av gr? ullgenser! Super-s?te! :D

  14. Posidriv says:

    Fantastiske teddy-bj?rnar! Eg forelska meg heilt i dei to som var laga av gr? ullgenser! Super-s?te! :D

  15. awww! soo cute! :) markets are so great!

  16. Regina says:

    are the teddy sweater bears still with you?

  17. Frida says:

    ?h s? fina saker!!! Du ?r superduktig.

  18. mariamosh says:

    Jag var ju p? den designmarknaden och fick ett visitkort av dig till och med. J?ttefina grejer!

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