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Book of dreams | Cats & butterflies

Did I show you these stamps that I found in a thrift store a couple of weeks ago? Some letters are missing, but most of them are there. I used it in my Book of Dreams (a project that artsy … Continue reading

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Letters from a friend

In a bag that mom has sewed specially for me I took this pile of letters back to the one who wrote them… Project #1. Find your old letters I’ve ticked of number on in Yamaguchi’s book 52 Projects: Gather … Continue reading

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Childrens books inspiration

I’ve been a non smoking generation since I was a kid. It was a great campain that stoped me from even wanting to try a cigarette when I was young – and I haven’t so far. Ever. But to my … Continue reading

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How to Sew a Cat Bed

When we brought Smilla the cat home the first time I realized that we didn’t have a bed for her. We got the climbing pole, the cage, the food, the toilet, the sand, a comb, the grass and a bowl … Continue reading

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Every day matters

I’ve been listening to Danny Gregory’s podcast Every day matters that I recently found when visiting his website. I loooove the episode where Dr Hazel Kahan is talking about creativity (click that link to listen to her right now!). It’s … Continue reading

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Design market – conclusion

Thanks so much to everyone for your praise and encouragement! When I make more katt-i-fnattar I will post them here and anyone interested in a trade can get back to me, I’d love to make trades with you talented girls! … Continue reading

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Design market – Preparations

Going to the Design market was a very quick decision. I didn’t think, afraid I might have hesitated to much. I just e-mailed the girl that organize it and asked if there where any tables left for me to claim … Continue reading

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I whipped together a kitten

I didn’t give her a name, but she must be a Katt-i-fnatt, a cat that is a bit crazy but very happy and most probably dancing around singing – Mi-mi-mi-miaaau-u-u-uh! Licking her flowery and colourfull skin and smelling summer in … Continue reading

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Random stuff that tumbled in

I got a card from grandmother and a great gift from mom on my names day last week: She finished one of the twenty different craft totes that we started to make while I was home in April. I choose … Continue reading

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How time flyes and kids grow up

Contrasts – they show up with time to me. It was a thought I already had on my mind… This photo still makes me laugh: It’s me and my brother. Can you believe it? I used to change diapers on … Continue reading

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