The Fruit Girls – ATC

The creative process has had more impact, power, influence, and success than any other process in history. All of the arts, many of the sciences, architecture, pop culture and the entire technological age we live in exists because of the creative process.
/Robert Fritz

Sour Lemon Paris Wheel
Miss Sour Lemon and miss Paris Wheel, as collaged Artist trading cards (ATC). Also presenting:

Miss Ras Berry Miss Ras Berry!

Three ATC’s that was lots of fun to make! I call them The Fruit Girls! :-)

I’m also adding two pages in my art journal from earlier this month:

Vademecum Pink serenadeAbove: The No Smoking page, with a picture of favorite author Paul Auster (total smoking addict).

And this one I call Pink serenade. Rose print, music sheet, paint, Chinese magazine, text…

Both are made in my fourth Art Journal, The Squared One with a spiral binding, that is filling up very very slow. I want to work with lots of pictures, papers, techniques and fun colours from my birthday, but not right now…

To bad, I just don’t have any time for paper craft… Specially this week. We are making a health magazine (Vårhälsa) in school, and I’m Editor in Chief! Guess what colours I chose for the layout?

Yes, pink and… turquoise! Mmmm!

PS: I’m in on ArtsyMama’s project to make an altered Book of Dreams where she will show us a new technique for every spread (hoping I’ll have the time to join when it starts!).

Oh, and you should be visiting my friend Marika’s yarn competition!

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4 Responses to The Fruit Girls – ATC

  1. ArtsyMama says:

    Love these. So unique!!!

  2. Editor in Chief, that?s really a project! And how I know what it is like, to be to busy to get into crafting. .. To mee it can be very frustrating, even though this other task might be quite exiting as well… I?m now at the last stages of writing my bunch of synopses, God, it has been a hard days work and I?m r e a l l y looking foreward, longing to rush into a pure art-working periode…

  3. vivian says:

    wow – these fruity chicks made me giggle! they are so much fun!

  4. Siri says:

    I just love these gals! Something like this could be fun to do with kids.

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