Lill-Klas & Stor-Klas

Susan, do you remember the wool cap I bought last year when we thrifted in Stockholm? I thought it might be a felted bag, but it turned out it wanted to be something else:

Lill-Klas teddy bearFirt it was this one, a chubby little bear that I call Lill-Klas (little Klas). I really like how he turned out. But then there were some pieces of that machine felted cap, so Lill-Klas wanted a pal. I made another bear, with a little bit taller and thiner body. I named him Stor-Klas (Big Klas):

Buttons - good softies eye
I got the idea to make these bears by a fellow bloger that recently made bears by an old sweater! Thanks for the inspiration!

I used black buttons as there eyes, from a little bag I thrifted once. Great eyes!

If you want to view more pictures of these bears visit flickr or click this link below:



Lill-Klas teddy bear

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8 Responses to Lill-Klas & Stor-Klas

  1. Strikkelise says:

    Kjempes?te. Jeg likte spesielt godt at de var s? like, og likevel ulike. Som br?dre.

  2. Maria says:

    Dom ?r fina :)

  3. elisa says:

    Really really cute, Hanna!

  4. Eric Rhodes says:

    Maybe you should potrait things that are outside of your home. I find it comforting to remember that there exsists a whole universe of activity which I am not an active participant in.

  5. susan says:

    of course i do!
    these turned out SO cute! and you did such a great job using up every little bit of that cap. it’s nice that they have each other, too, isn’t it?
    i love these – you are just getting better and better! (its the age – wait till you’re 35!)
    stor kram

  6. tine says:

    Oh isn’t he the cutest thing?! Oh but Miss Smilla is the Queen!!!
    I love how he lies in the bottom pic. Oh he looks so lonely…

  7. RheLynn says:

    Very cool bears! They are siblings ;o)

  8. claudia says:

    Lovely bears!

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