Snowman, his wife & Peppar

snow coupleIn a previous post i showed you these little guys in our window, a photo taken through the curtain a sunny morning.

And no, the are not little house elves. They are snow people that mom sewed for me. Mom is a great artist. She will sell her quilts, bags and crafts in our mutual online shop that I hope will be finished by Easter (peppar, peppar). Sign up if you want to know when and what, please. So, here they are from the outside:

Snow people
Mr Snowman and his wife says hi everyone!

And this is the same window, from last weekend when a couple of friends took their borrowed cat with them to fj?llen:
Her name is Peppar, but we just called her Katt this weekend. She is a skogis, a Norwegien Forest Cat – the best cat ever!? Isn’t she cute? A great photo model:

DSC_0260 DSC_0291DSC_0308DSC_0321DSC_0329

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5 Responses to Snowman, his wife & Peppar

  1. The cat is gorgeous. Love the photo with her paw in the foreground.

  2. maria says:

    Fin katt det d?r. Och sp?nnande med shoppen.

  3. Amy says:

    Lovely cat — the photo behind the curtain is fantastic. I’m like you — never enough cat photos.

  4. tine says:

    They are so adorable!! beautiful!! :-)

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