Cat’s eye – what do you notice

Studio Friday theme is eyes this Friday. What you are all eyes on right now. I’m seeing, reading, thinking, surfing, reading, searching – for my cat. Where is he? I haven’t found him yet. I haven’t meet him yet.

So I’m all eyes still.

Shrek's Cat Friend

All I crave right now seems to be a kitten to call mine. Do you all get obsessed like this over things? I can’t stop thinking about it… I haven’t even wanted a cat until about this month. I thought I was a dog person. But no, something in me need a Studio Cat to watch over me when I create, to inspire me, like so many cats out there seems to do for other artists and cat friends…

eye of a cat

While searching for cat eyes I found The Color Pencil Challange, a site that seams really interesting, and where you, among many things, Pointy Kitty sketchcan learn how to To reproduce the translucent qualities of a realistic eye, a great tutorial with lots of pictures!

And while searching for cats… I found a podcast I didn’t know about by Cat Morley! Her last show is about The Starving Artist. Haven’t listen yet, but it sound/looks interesting.

More I’m all eyes at Studio Friday

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9 Responses to Cat’s eye – what do you notice

  1. I hope you find your kitten soon, Hanna. We were hoping to find a puppy, but our new place doesn’t allow pets, so we’re going to get a ‘studio fish’ instead.
    Nice post! :)

  2. tine says:

    Oh cats are such wonderful animals! no wonder you love my Early so much ;-)
    I hope you will find the right buddy cat for you soon. Early send you lots of kisses this way!! He said that he will keep an eye out for him or her for you and let you know as soon as he sees him/her!!


  3. I have two kitties that will be 8 this year, and they are one of my biggest passions. My grey one Torry is currently lying on his back with all four paws in the air. My long-haired black one Coal is waiting patiently for me to stop typing and start petting. You definitely need to get one!
    Is it just me, or does anyone find these kitty eyes a little disturbing? They’re so big and dark! It makes me think the cat laid into the catnip a little too hard.

  4. Lisa says:

    My daughter got a kitten earlier this year, and though she officially belongs to my daughter, she is my unofficial studio/office kitty. She’s always in here with me (and is currently clawing the heck out of my toes!!). I love having her here.

  5. Awwww, i too hope you find your kitty. They are wonderful. I have always had a cat.

  6. WillowGrace says:

    I hope you find your kitty friend soon, too!

  7. I S A Y says:

    i am allergic to cats-sad to say and i envy those who can actually take good care of them. the picture is awesome. i really like that cat in shrek 2.

    all the best in your search for your special kitty friend.

  8. Kara says:

    Good luck finding your kitty! The right one will come to you – I had to wait awhile for mine – but they do eventually come if you are looking.

  9. Apples says:

    Thanks for the links, Hanna! I’m just as much in need of a pet cat. I used to have a white Japanese Toby….I hope you will find one soon!

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