Water forms

Water forms

Ice ice baby. Sweden is frozen.


Ice and snow

Night walk

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7 Responses to Water forms

  1. Coops says:

    Gorgeous photographs. Inspiring!

  2. miriam says:

    love the pictures, but I need captions to explain them to me. Is any of the above moving water. I would have thought it would all be frozen.

  3. Dipsy D. says:

    These photos are absolutely stunning, especially the first one – there’s such a special atmosphere to it! Great work!

  4. You’re a multitalented woman, Hanna~ thanks for all the inspiration!

  5. Sarah Louise says:

    That first one has my breathless. It is wonderful to live in a place that has winter after all. Wow wow wow wow.

  6. niki says:

    Holy moly! I am from a place that gets snow once or twice a year… or maybe not at all. The fact that the streets here look like an ice skating rink.. WOW! cool :) and ouch if ya fall.

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