I know what’s in my heart

I know what's in my heart collage detail by iHanna

I am so bad at getting things done in time for birthdays and holidays! I always feel, like the paper and craft person I have become, that I should make something special. Then I don’t, and feel bad about it. But this weekend I sat down in Crafty Corner and actually finished my Valentine cards – in time to send them out today!

Alla hjärtansdagskort

I’m happy about how the collages turned out!

Kort till mormor Kort till familjen Alla hjärtans kort 06 Kort till farmor Kort till Felix & Co

Happy Valentine to you!

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9 Responses to I know what’s in my heart

  1. tine says:

    Love the cards!!! they look awesome!!
    happy Valentine’s to you, too!!


  2. Happy day it is that I have found your site, by you finding me! Now that is a valentine! I will come here often and I hope you do the same! Paths cross for a reason and valentine paths crossing are always full of blessings

  3. Majeak Ann says:

    Real fun to see..and precious collages! Thank you.
    Hope you had a nice & lovely day…
    -Marjorie Ann

  4. claudia says:

    Those are beautiful cards!

  5. susan says:

    the cards look GREAT! what a good idea!

  6. GH & LJ says:

    Hello there, Love those Valentine collages… & the Chinese Dogs from earlier on.
    GH: http://gracialouise.typepad.com/high_up_in_the_trees/
    LJ: http://gracialouise.typepad.com/elsewhere/

  7. sofia says:

    love them, so beautiful !!!

  8. Ky says:

    i adore these cards – so sweet and well-crafted!

  9. megan says:

    These are gorgeous.

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