Green Muffins

I’ve added a new categorie to il Bloggo today: Food mode.

A good title I thought since I very seldom is in food mode. I mean I love great cooking, visiting restaurants or my eating dad’s food… but to cook? Almost never. I try to avoid it as much as possible, since I never feel food inspiration! But why did I add the category? To find inspiration, to pep myself to cook perhaps. To take snapshots of the few things I bake or cook, like these Green Muffins I just happened to make:

Hummus and green muffins

P made the hummus and I made the green food muffins for our soup dinner. They tasted de-lishious! They were stuffed with spinach and feta cheese! Mmmm…

Inspiration was found in my favorite cookbook right now Det vegetariska köket by Lotta Brinck. Wonderful stuff.

But no fear, this will not become a food blog, that I’m sure of.

I’m just wondering, how do you guys keep the kitchen-work fun every day? Where do you find your kitchen spark?

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5 Responses to Green Muffins

  1. elisa says:

    Wow Hanna, they look so alluring… I’m sure that if you find a recipe that turns out exactly that it might be you’ll start to enjoy yourself. I’m not a serious cook and I’ve never deal with compicated recipe but I choose a few ones and try them several times just to show in case of friend’s party..
    thank you for you support!

  2. Kestrel says:

    Everything looks delicious! You’re giving me the midnight munchies. :)

  3. It looks very nice to me, love spinach and feta.
    I always try to see it as a creative process, it helps.
    I read a recipe and change it so it suits me. So far it has gone well :D

  4. Alma7 says:

    The muffins look great! feta and spinach goes together so well.
    You can make a pie stuffed with that mixure too. Tastes like heaven.

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