Cold coffee

I am addicted to (cold) coffee. I actually boil the water and add the nescafe, but then I let it follow me around to the sofa, computer, tv and studio corner until it is lagom and then I start to drink it.

Hannas kaffe
By the time I finish my flowery mug of coffee (maybe 2 hours later) it is destined to be cold. And I don’t mind, coz I got used to drink cold coffee when I lived in Greece for a while, falling in love with the queen of nescafe: frappe! I used to do those a lot, but now I don’t shake it or add sugar or milk, I just absent minded drink it black.

We have a coffee maker, but I usually just use it on Sundays or when we have guests. My best cups are white with blue thin stripes. They are called Blues and now not really my style any more, I would trade them any day for some more romantic rosy ones…

I love the sound of the coffee maker puttering away, and the smell of fresh coffee. It’s a lot about safety and comfort to me, the sound of my childhood. My mother (who has a big beautiful collection of Blå blom) is a persevering coffee drinker (hot and black), and when I grew up she always said:

– You are not an adult until you know how to drink coffee!

That thought always makes me smile.

Now, back to a short story I’m trying to write for school.

Have a great weekend!

Studio Friday theme: Let’s have a drink…

And if you know Swedish, read this: Inte utan min skissbok from DN.

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17 Responses to Cold coffee

  1. maria says:

    Min barndoms somrar är fyllda av kafferep med släkten där koppar med små små rosa blommor dominerade… Jag undrar var dom kopparna finns nu, har inte sett till dem på evigheter.

    Rolig artikel att läsa! Trevlig helg!

  2. susan says:

    ack! cold coffee?!? blech! sorry, hanna, it’s got to be piping hot for me!
    love the teacups. funny as i have been working on the same kind of collection myself. pinks and golds, often mixing and matching cups and saucers. pretty!

  3. Every one has so many cool mugs! I like yours too!! (and the other 10 I’ve seen this morning).
    Nice SF.

  4. Cold coffee sounds yummy. I usually add too much milk to my hot coffee anyway, so it becomes lukewarm right off the bat.
    That quote from your mother is great, too. :)
    I had a big sigh over Andrea’s tea cups. Aren’t they lovely? Makes me want to start collecting.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Joy says:

    yes. If my coffee gets cold, I drink it anyway:)

  6. niki says:

    The story of your mother is very sweet. I always thought of coffee as the “adult” drink.. maybe that is why it took my years and years to finally give in to it ;)
    The pot holder in your picture is nice.

  7. Kara says:

    My nephew when he was about 4 years old he loved cold coffee. Not that he drank a lot of it – but he’d be a grandmas and want his cold coffee. For some reason – I loved seeing the label on your coffee jar as if yes I’m seeing a little portrait of your world.

  8. Ostman says:

    I SO want to serve you some delicious lukewarm coffee in Stina’s beautiful rosy little cups she bought about a month ago. Consider yourself invited. I’ll just pop out for some soy drink (Alpro, the good stuff) and put on the kettle!

  9. Carrie says:

    Love the mug. Still trying to grow up, can’t drink coffee yet! :)

  10. kate says:

    Love your mug!Kathy

  11. wendy says:

    Oooo frappe, love it, my family cant understand how i can drink iced coffee……yum. Only in the summer though, too cold at the moment

  12. Lisa says:

    I love blended iced coffee drinks, but I don’t care much for regular cold coffee. That doesn’t stop me from drinking from the same cup of coffee all morning when I’m too busy to drink it fast enough to enjoy it hot!

  13. so you lived in Greece? Whereabouts? Well, during summer Frappe is the only coffee you can drink!


  14. tine says:

    So funny Hanna, I always drink my coffee so slowly and forget about it and by the time I drink it it’s luke warm either or cold. Hahah! I don’t mind it though, better than too hot and your burn your tongue, hehe :-)

  15. Det är exakt min mammas kommentar oxå, apropå kaffe!!!! Om det stämmer, blev jag inte vuxen förrän jag var 25 år…. o ibland undrar jag om jag nånsin blivit det! :-) (Jag är 42 nu….)

  16. Chris says:

    I just read this post from your book, and I think the word that’s probably most like Lagom is ‘tepid’ in English. It’s not cold but not warm, either. I always try to keep my coffee heated, but I’ve actually gotten used to drinking it cold. When I’m in the middle of a fantastic work project or I’ve mixed my paints just right, I can’t be bothered to heat it up, I just have to sip it as is!

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