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Dotted shirt

Bokrea is a annual happening in Sweden. It’s when all book stores start the big book sale of the year on February 23. I have spent the weekend in fjällen so I couldn’t go until today. But I went to … Continue reading

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The fun of Tutorials

The fun of tutorials. I love tutorials, because they contain information on how to create something – and loads of inspiring images of finished crafts. And online there are quote a few free ones, as you might have noticed. I … Continue reading

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Music, fabric and poetry

Last night Maria and I went to see Laleh and Kalle. Oooo, I love them! Poetry and music. Maria’s pictures turned out great, and I’m filled with lots of happiness and beauty. Do you need a bloggin subject today? Or … Continue reading

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Pointy kitty Sunshine

I’ve made a Pointy Kitty after a free pattern found online. It’s SO cute, don’t you agree? And I’m not the only one who has been making this pointy kitty either, the internet has exploded with Point Kitty softies… I’ve … Continue reading

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Where little birds live

Photo of a birds nest in the winter, by me january 2006. Since I bought the bird house box I have thought about how to decorate it. I’ve found lots of inspiration, and I know you all like birds to, … Continue reading

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One million roses

Lots of thrifted roses! I’ve carved a rose stamp in linoleum. I don’t know yet how the stamped image will look, all I know is that I should not use sharp objects. Because my hands looks carved too now… If … Continue reading

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Green Muffins

I’ve added a new categorie to il Bloggo today: Food mode. A good title I thought since I very seldom is in food mode. I mean I love great cooking, visiting restaurants or my eating dad’s food… but to cook? … Continue reading

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Striped sweater goes glove

Recycling felted wool, yes please. From the same felted sweater that I made my mom’s mittens I cut out a new pair of finger gloves for myself. I brought them home with me un-sewed, but now I have hand sewn … Continue reading

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Cold coffee

I am addicted to (cold) coffee. I actually boil the water and add the nescafe, but then I let it follow me around to the sofa, computer, tv and studio corner until it is lagom and then I start to … Continue reading

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A Swedish Must Read Book Series

I’ve opened up the package that was wrapped for me in the store where I bought it (!) and started to use the spiral bound square notebook as my forth art journal! But I thought I needed more treats this … Continue reading

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