Where do the weekends go?

It's been snowing

I know it was snow. Lots of snow, all night and all day. Then there was more snow. And now the weekend is over. Where do the weekends go really? I have done nothing at all… I think.

Except… some reading:

Snowbear book from Theresa
Finally I had the time to sit down and read the book Snowbear’s Christmas Countdown by and from Theresa Smythe. Discovered that it was signed for me, which made me smile, and feeling proud; I know her, the author (even though it’s just throught crafty blog land)!

And the book was amazing, just like I thought it would be. Cut n’ paste comes to another dimension when you look at the artwork in this childrens book. And I love the story too. Thank you Theresa!

Something to nibbleAnd some writing… Finally wrote an article for school today, to late to enjoy the day but not to late to have a nibble by the computor while writing, surfing, finishing the new year’s cards and surfing some more.

In blogging craft world news: Bea is having a baby in august this year and Valentina’s baby is born! Congratulations girls!

But as Thresea says, everything in our lifes just can’t be joy. I totally understand that. And I know it too.

Me, for example, have been a grass widow (gr?s?nka) for a whole month now. But I try not to complain about it. My blog is my outlet for craft thoughts, photos and sharing things I’ve made and links I’ve found. I don’t need this place for my sorrows and pains, but rest asure that I have them just as everybody else has problems. I just don’t need to share them online. I totally love that this is my “happy” blog, my crafty, energetic place and I’m totally just posting the best photos and on days when I feel like it! (But hey, never think I don’t have lots of low-energy-times, weeping willows, wet pillows – and worries too.)

Best of all, my fianc? is returning home on Friday from San Fransisco where he is now, after a long holiday climbing in Joshua Tree! I’m so happy that he is coming home!

And the snow is still there, waiting for a new week to start.

Blue snow

This is what I wrote in my Amazon review, but I don’t know if it will show up there:

I think Snowbear is one of the cutest children’s books I’ve read in a long time. It’s just a simple little story about Snowbear who counts down the days from first of December to Christmas Eve, doing lots of fun christmasy stuff like cuting ornaments, buying presents and decorating the house, but it is made with a sense of humor and with lots of details. I love the little red birds flying around everywhere.

And the artwork is well worth the price itself for any adult person getting this book for him or her self! It’s collage all the book through, with cut and paste down to the details of Snowbears claws. Amazing, inspiring and makes me wish it was Christmas again, soon!

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8 Responses to Where do the weekends go?

  1. maria says:

    Oh… That has I also thought about many times. But I haven?t found the answer yet.

  2. sofia says:

    Me too…I don’t like to put sad things in my blog so my blog is my “happy home” where everything is fun and pretty…. :)
    Snow, you have lots of snow there, the cold wether that comes from Russia is arriving this week here in France, I think we’ll have snow they predict -10? that’s a lot !!!!!

  3. Annu says:

    Hello Hanna, I just found your blog. I guess I?ll have hard (=long) time circling around here :)

  4. elisa says:

    I agree too, I think that blogging can help us to give the right weight to the things happened. Sometimes we feel angry for something that don’t worth, or we don’t notice little things which could make us happier or simply better. Blogging teach us to look through all is around us and choose the positive ones. Hope you’ll have a great week!

  5. eloqui says:

    Thanks for Bea’s delightful news, Hannah!
    And thanks for all the great choices you make about what you include here.
    Warm wishes to you,

  6. Thank you so much Hanna for sharing our joy!!! Best wishes to you!

  7. Thank you, Hanna, for sharing your thoughts with us. Of course it?s impossible to always be happy and cheerful, even though one would wish it was that way!

    If you check my webpage, you?ll see the little embroidery I?ve made inspired from a quote I found here on your blog: “Andas in. Andas ut. ” Remember?


  8. monicalee says:

    I agree about staying postive on your blog. Sometimes sharing sadness comes across wrong. Although, bloggers are such encouragers that I want to tell them “I NEED YOU ALL TODAY!”.

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