Romantic Swirly Scarf


Crocheted curly swirly scarf

…made by me.
Pink Crocheted Scarf made by yours truly iHanna A super fun crochet, and I love the result.

Yarn: 2,5 skein from mom’s stash. Pink (dubble yarn) and the crocheted edge is green with gold thread (same yarn as my shawl and the edge of my wrist warmers!).
Pattern: Eva Wincent (pattern from Swedish magazine Ica Kuriren
Time: Two movies!

The Story behind the project: Mom had crocheted me a shawl (see yesterday’s post) but also a blue swirly scarf for my lovely cousin Lotta. She loved it, but so did I… I was jealous. But mom and I made a pact and decided to make new scrafs, one each after Christmas eve. So the pattern was used twice again.

And I love using it.

iHanna in her crocheted swirly scraf - more at
Lots of snow, and me.

PS: Don’t miss the Mini world of Dad’s train station! I promised earlier to show it to you, and it’s worth looking at. It’s so damn tiny and well made. I could stay there a whole day… Take a hike up those snowy mountains and then walk down to the valley where spring has arrived… Some of the photos turned out really great.

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14 Responses to Romantic Swirly Scarf

  1. Liesl says:

    Just recently discovered your blog, and I love your scarf and fingerless mittens – the colors and the patterns are great!

  2. Shell says:

    I love the scarf – it is so beautiful. Pink and green are my favourite colours too – but green before pink, haha! And I’m so totally impressed because yesterday I did my first few crocheted stitches ever, thanks to lessons from my partners mum! I can’t wait to make my first scarf. Although I’m having trouble with tension and speed (gawd it’s so awkward) you’ve inspired me to persevere. =)

  3. erin says:

    I have a pink crocheted ruffley scarf too! I like the way you wore yours with a black coat and pink gloves. Your dad is amazing, can I come and live in the yellow house with the swimming pool in the backyard?

  4. Dagmar says:

    I really love your dad’s train scenery, how wonderfully made!

  5. amy says:

    I am coveting that scarf! So pretty. And your Dad’s train display is amazing. I think he’s out done the one at Epcot Disney World!

  6. krissy says:

    i love love love your dad’s miniature world! it’s so cute. i love the little house that is under construction (hee!) and the little woman in the swimming pool and the apple tree…agh, it’s all wonderful!

  7. Torunn says:

    Jeg ble tipset om bloggen din av zigzagandpurl
    N? har jeg bladd meg igjennom det hele. FANTASTISK.
    Her hos deg m? man ha god tid.
    Jeg kommer igjen, dette var utrolig morsomt.

  8. I love your scarf! It looks so great! I think I?ll try to find out how I can make a similar one! Do you just have to double the stiches in every new row? Or is it more tricky?
    I need to show your dad?s train world to my boyfriend! He?ll love it just as much as I do! Great pictures, Hanna!

  9. suzy says:

    That scarf is beautiful! The colour and style go together so well.

  10. Lolly says:

    Your scarf looks beautiful – great pictures in the snow too!

  11. Agathe says:

    LOVE the scarf!

  12. Ostman says:

    I like it, even though it’s pink. Skitafin!

  13. Monkeygirl says:

    Oj vilken supersnygg halsduk!

  14. Marieke says:

    I love you scraff, would you be willing to share the pattern?

    And your Dad’s train is absolutely super. It reminds me of a trainset friends of mine had on their attick when I was a lot younger, brings back happy memories :0))

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