A Birthday Card I made

Pink tulip photo by iHanna

The tulip picture I posted the other day was taken of a multi-coloured bouquet for a friend turning thirty. This pink tulip, with a white border and black middle, I bought just for me! One of the best things about winter and snow is that you are allowed to buy flowers for yourself to cheer you up.

Here is the birthday card I made:

Congratulation card with that special vintage feel, made by iHanna

The present I bought was from one of my favorite shops to go look at stuff, I hardly ever buy anything this place. It’s a Swedish store called Ordning och reda (order and
Present organized) that has the most beautiful notebooks, photo albums, calendars and pens. Bought five pens now though, two was for me! I wouldn’t mind getting a load from this shop when my *30th b-day arrives…

Thank you to everyone for posting such nice comments! I read them all and love getting em’! Specially to Kathy and her visitors and Jen! You too help cheer me up today.

* april 2006

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  1. sofia says:

    the postcard is a pure beauty ! :) love it

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